:: Reading from the Moosish Bible ::

Tom's Version (also available on audio book) 
This is a question dealing with Divine Mystery of the Moose. This is all I can tell you: 

The cult is led by two irrational extremists named garf and Ciagon. Ciagon is the Creator. garf is administrator to his kingdom. Relatively soon after the Creation, Homeostasis, a great warrior of days past, beseeched the Holy Moose's rulers to bestow political power and influence to a select group, that the Moose Room may be more justly governed. The Creator and Administrator were troubled at this idea, as they wished for their board to be a beacon of free-thought. They believed that moderators would not play into this plan of theirs. 

Eventually, through means to this day not completely understood, moderatorship was granted to four individuals: Homeostasis the Fabulous, poster of off-topicness and representative of the people; _brenda the Wise, elder member and holder of common sense; Rabbit the Clean-Cut, Well-Groomed, Young Go-Getter, friendly, funny and intelligent queen of Kinder eggs; and Tom, that other guy. The de jure purpose of this group was to provide a counterattack team against threads like Zim sux. The de facto result was a humble lot of individuals who served the members of this board without moderation or contempt. 

In the weeks to come, the Fifth would be selected. InvaderMIZ was suggested by Rabbit based on her seniority on the board, rational thinking, and social appeal. She was added to the roster shortly thereafter. 

Not only did the Moderation of the Moose tend to message board duty, but to the site in its entirety. Homeostasis started the movement for the creation of new designs for the message board. garF allowed this, and, within five months, there were many new and elegant designs to choose from. Two of these designs came from Mooserators. Rabbit's Zimmy Doomy Doom Doom and Tom's Bleak designs were two of the first designs to be up and running. To this very day, Rabbit's design is used by spooky people, and people who like the color purple, and Tom's design is very popular among minimalists. 

But perhaps the greatest achievement by the Mooserators is the Holy ROOMWITHAMOOSE FAQ. Its contents follow the travels and teachings of Steve Ressel and -45- on the Holy Board. It also is a complete answer book for mostly every simple question one could ask dealing with, at the time, present Zim news. It was majorly authored by Homeostasis and _brenda. _brenda wrote a reported sixty pages of the FAQ. Complete with references, it is an indispensable wealth of knowledge and history. 

First simultaneously and separately thought of by Homeostasis, _brenda and Tom in February, it became a long term project that wasn't completed until middle to late Spring. The FAQ is still being revised currently. Tom created the format for the viewing of the FAQ, which consisted of folding menus to conserve space. Little known is an alternate FAQ According to Tom that was created in February. Little have seen it, and even fewer comprehended it. It is thought to be a collection of moral suggestions dealing with behavior on the board. 

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