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-Welcome to the Fan Fic section. You may read the ones people have sent into us, or you may submit your own. If you would like to submit a Fan Fic please follow these rules: your Fan Fic must be about Invader Zim, have correct spelling, must be finished: no 'to be continued', cannot be all in caps, it HAS to be something you would show your mother and tell her you wrote (keep it clean kids), and please send your name and title of your fanfic. If you don't want your email to be posted with your Fan Fic, please let me know, I post them on default.

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If you read one of the stories below, please take time to vote for it. This gives others a hint on which fic they would like to read. IPs are collected, allowing you to only vote once. A is the best, F is the worst in the rating system.

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Author: Title Rating
Ashley Blast from the Past

Anthony Corraro
awildcat2 A Jurassic Park Encounter
Brittani Bounds Deathwish
German Nino Carnival of the Doomed

GIR Makes a Plan

The Truth About Zim
Insanemystic401  Crockeries
InvaderMarch Oops
Invader Zep Starcrossed: Past
Invader Zep Starcrossed: Present
InvdrZim2000 The Battle
Jessnorbok Invader Zim Christmas Fic
Kazooie491@aol.com  The Pool Party
Kelli Vanous & Lucy McMillen A Day in the Life of GIR
Kim Dib Goes Crazy and Stuff
Lenorekun Anlace
Max Zumstein Eye Exams
Melinda A Doomed Relationship: Gaz and Zim
meredithdiva Interview with Zim
meredithdiva Mother
piscesgrl2000 Under the Knife
readcael Mecco
Robin Dissection of Doom
russellcurtis GIR's Taco Adventure
SamIAm821 Invader MAZ
Sammie Role Model
serena435 Impending Doom 
serena435 The Savage Planet
Shadowrose436976 An Irken Girl Named Cindy

The Birds and the Babies?
Sinne The Locker
Soldier of Darkness Infernal Pen!
Steph The Switch

Goodbye, My Tallest

St. Patrick's Day
XxBakaKittyxX Dib is Crazy Once Again
XxBakaKittyxX Invader Tenn's Problem
wafflecat2000 The Final Goodbye

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