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Below is some Fan Art sent in by various Invader Zim fans. If you would like your IZ Fan Art posted here please send your art to: ssjvaporeon@hotmail.com

Submission Guidelines:
1) Only Invader Zim art.
2) Please no fan chracters.
3) Please only send .jpg or .gif formats.
4) No emails over 250K will be accepted.
5) Only one email of Fan Art per update.
6) No zip files! 
7) Send your alias (name) you want to be posted as.

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Artist: iamchese
Art: GIR and waffles//GIR and pig//Dib
Artist: Invader Moose
Art: Prof.Membrane//Great Assigning//Zim hugs Biters
//Nightmare World
Artist: raVen
Art: Zim's brother//Switched brains
Artist: Sebella
Art: Zim//Dib on throne//Jhonen's creations
Artist: ][n$@n][ty !
Art: GIR VS Dib 
Artist: Girslave
Art: Zim yelling 
Artist: Invader ZzY
Art: GIR//Zim and GIR
Artist: Spooky Doom
Art: GIR as an elf//GIR and cup//GIR and moose//
     Dib and Zim X-mas
Artist: Sync
Art: Zim//Drooling Zim
Artist: Invader Rex
Art: GIR tacos//Zim Ray Gun//Zim & GIR//GIR & Pig
//Dib Revenge//GIR Scared
Artist: MechaGir
Art: Zim DWM 2 
Artist: Invader Julie
Art: Red//Zim
Artist: Invader Meg
Art: IZ Christmas//Dib
Artist: Cupcake
Art: GIR's room//GIR & friend//Irken that stole x-mas//
Group x-mas//Zim & Dib anime//Zim & GIR at the fair
Artist: Mee
Art: GIR//Zim//Irken patriotic Zim & GIR//Zim & GIR//
Zimmy Eats World//Dib & GIR//Zim in monster suit
//Bunch o' Zim//It Is MY Turn!//Crazy music
// Zim spider legs//Zim & Dib// Watches tv//
colored Zim & GIR// colored Zim // Baby Zim // Horray for Irk! // Water of Evil
Artist: hypershadow26
Art: GIR and tacos//GIR reporting//GIR: don't mess
Artist: KK
Art: GIR: "HI!"//GIR and Pig
Artist: ZimSolar
Art: Support Invasion//Piggies!//Zim is tallest
//tacos//Zim and earth
Artist: Iomega Zim
Art: Zim//GIR crazy colors//Yay, We're Doomed!
Zim hiss//Zim & Death Bee
Artist: Michelle R.
Art: Zim
Artist: Wjmarko
Art: GIR://GIR and Zim
Artist: Ari
Art: GIR: baking the cake//GIR cupcake
Artist: Smallf1215
Art: GIR//GIR: Biscuits
Artist: Gir Star
Art: Irken Invasion//Blue GIR and taco
Artist: Flyingpenguin44
Art: Zim//I Love this Show!//Zim & Pig//Jump//Dream
//Jump Pencil//GIRlanious//Lemony//Gangster GIR
//Zim & GIR
Artist: Brian E.
Art: GIR tattoo //Jhonen Tattoo 1 //Jhonen Tattoo 2 //Jhonen Tattoo 3 //Jhonen Tattoo 4 //Jhonen Tattoo 5 //Jhonen Tattoo 6 //Jhonen Tattoo 7 //Jhonen Tattoo 8
Artist: Daft
Art: Gaz//Gaz Spider Legs//Zim eyes //Zim Heads
Artist: Krystal
Art: Krazy Taco
Artist: ZimIrkenOfDoom
Art: GIR sketch//GIR colored!//Locked Out//GIR Dog
//Psycho GIR//GIR Happy//GIR Happy2//USA
//GIR cuty //GIR & Soup//SIR
Artist: Chaly
Art: Fingerpaints
Artist: Invader Nikki
Art: Zim, GIR, & Dib
Artist: Amanda
Art: GIR Psych//GIR dog//GIR//Zim
Artist: Majinvegetax2000
Art: GIR acting stupid
Artist: Mewsdragonball
Art: GIR with his suff//Sick Tallest//Zim//
Young Tallest//Head Rest //Zim2
Artist: ScatteredSun
Art: 3dsmax GIR//General GIR//GIR and piggie //GIR with octopus on head
Artist: John Miles
Art: Zim
Artist: Steve S.
Art: Gaz
Artist: Nichole Fern.
Art: Death Beez//GIR//GIR jumps//Zim
Artist: GIR.
Artist: unknown.
Art: Manga Gaz
Artist: Allmighty Gir
Art: Zim
Artist: Meowth Bogart
Art: Anime style Gaz
Artist: Ame Tenchi
Art: Zim
Artist: Feraligatr108
Art: GIR hug//Zim//Zim lord
Artist: Invader Samantha
Art: Split Personalities//GIR and taco
Artist: John Torres
Art: GIR//I eat food!/Squeezy Pig Toy
Artist: Nikki Masters
Art: GIR and Zim
Artist: Invader Pig
Art: Dog//Poop Dog//carne
Artist: Zir
Art: Dog & GIR
Artist: Emeri
Art: GIR
Artist: Qwag
Art: Save Invader Zim
Artist: Mie
Art: Manga Dib//Dib the homicidal maniac//
Artist: Invader Syth
Art: Zim and voot runner
Artist: Morbid Bunny
Art: No tread!//Monkey Dance/GIR & Pig//Zim
Artist: little egg
Art: GIR//GIR cries//GIR hug//Madness!
Artist: dimmer77
Art: GIR salute
Artist: rocketgal
Art: GIR and mayo//Zim & Dib//Zim, GIR, & Baby
Artist: Rabid Wulf
Art: Crying Zim
Artist: Lost
Art:  ZIMatrix
Artist: Zimmy Drawer
Art:  GIR looks//Zim
Artist: Charli Hyrax
Art:  GIR //Zim & GIR//Zim //GIR cries
Artist: Harmfulvapors
Art:  Neon GIR 
Artist: Jerrod Mabry
Art:  Irken symbol tattoo
Artist: Eevee
Art: Baby Zim
Artist: Josh Kook
Art: Screaming Zim//GIR//Gaz//Dib//GIR 2//GIR robot
Artist: InvadR_Nemanoo 
Art:  Dib //Tak
Artist: XEN GeAr
Art:  GIR Sprites
Artist: Invader Hardyz
Art:  Makeup GIR
Artist: Hichelle
Art:  GIR Jumping
Artist: Aqua Myu
Art: Zim and Milk//GIR and Cup//GIR
Artist: SilverSuicune
Art: Zim//Angry Zim//GIR waves//Mimi//What?
//Zim grin //Mimi Cat //Red //Tak Irken //Tak Human //Tak & Mimi //Zim //Dib & Mimi //Zim & Math//Doom Zim
//We are coming // Zim & Tak
Artist: Joel8705
Art: GIR's world
Artist: Invader Briz
Art: Tallest//Gaz & NNY//Dib & NNY//GIR & Zim

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