This is the page of shame, the dooky list. Please DO NOT take images or anything from this site without our permision. We created this site just as a fan site and we mean for no money to be made off of what we make on the site. Below are some people that we don't like. They have stolen our images, slapped together some crappy products, and are trying to sell them to you on ebay. Please do not bid on any pirated Invader Zim merchandise. If you do feel that you need to bid on IZ stuff on ebay only bid on merchandise that you know is official merchandise. But to save money, just buy the official products straight from Hot Topic on-line or at your local mall.
commentary by: ssjvaporeon

Address Lables

We have actually emailed these people about not using our images. They never replied. Please feel free to send them an email.
ebay name: dontmindpain


The same person makes these stickers, all slapped together with coloring sheets and  the GIR paper doll.


Again, same person stole our pictures to make these "magnets". They are our coloring sheets and GIR paper doll again just glued to a magnetic strip.


This GIR patch is the image that we use for our layout, only the colors on the patch are pretty bad. This seller has a whole set of our images transformed into these patches.
ebay name:


These buttons use images from our wallpapers. They even took the text from the "Someone needs a hug!" wallpaper.
ebay name: nakol


This cross stitch pattern was obviously made from our wallpaper. The bottom of GIR is even rounded because we had it in a circle. We contacted this seller, but they don't see what they did wrong. Let's see... stealing fan art is a minor offense, but isn't stealing copyrighted characters a federal offense? They also direct linked to one of the images on this site, so we replace our own 'special' image with the image they used...heh...

Long Sleeved T-Shirt

OK, DUH! Who would even bid on something like this? It is obviously a picture from one of our wallpapers, but I mean, come on? All they did was cut out a big black square out of the wallpaper and print it out on some cheap iron on transfer. Stealing Fan Art is just wrong. I mean if you want to make a shirt with stuff from this site on it, go for it, but if you plan on selling it you must be loony.

Can you say dumb-ass? HAHA, this was a window cling that was sold on eBay obviously using one of our coloring sheets. Sure, you could say, but d00d, that picture is so generic, why do you always think people are taking your stuff? Well, its because they are. Click on the image to see the actual auction picture of it. When we make the coloring sheets we put our little coloring sheets logo on it in the left bottom corner. In the larger image of theis 'window cling' you can see the thing on the top of GIR's head which is our logo on the coloring sheets.
ebay name:

Who would wear these? They are horrible....Not only are they one of the most ugly item of clothing I have ever seen, no wait...., the fashion violation is not why they are on the jackers' page. PLEASE STOP buying unlicensed stuff on ebay! An you ebayers, STOP taking our coloring sheet images! If they aren't colored with your mad crayon skillz I don't want to see them on the internet! Point flamethrowers in the direction of:
ebay name: poopthepunk

Wow, these are horrible. They were listed on ebay as buttons, but this image was only circles, like made in paint, with our horrible screenshots on them. They didn't even bother to fill up the 'entire' button with the image, just kinda pasted it in those circles there.....What makes it even more, 'worse', would be that the images that they chose for the buttons were horrible! They are the ones I took years ago with a digital camera. And see that button on the bottom right? Thats from one of the layouts of this site. So bad. I can't believe someone actually bid on this.
ebay name: suzieq1219

Got to give these people credit, not only did they steal (obvious) fan art image from this site, but also other Invader Zim Fan Art sites. I think this lazy bastard just did a Google search for "Invader Zim" and just saved all the images. I like to think that the Ebay Jackers are stupid, but this item got 5 bids! So there are at least 5 other stupid people out there. DON'T BID ON THIS SHIT! Thanks, please come again.
ebay name: spookybuttonboy

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