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These pictures are from all of the Invader Zim episodes that GIR has been in. Please do not steal these images for your own use.

Pilot Episode (images from Steve Ressel):

>>Dib angry >>Dib food laser >>Dib & Zim
>>Dib CG >>Dib scary! >>Zim suit CG
>>Zim suit CG 2 >>cafeteria >>Zim suit
>>Zim and pooch >>Determined X2 >>Dib's kitchen
>>GIR >>Lunch >>Zim & GIR
>>skool >>Jumprope >>HUGE head

Opening theme song:

>>smashes screen >>blueprints >>blueprints2
>>hydrant drool

The Nightmare Begins:

>>gir is born >>advanced >>doomed planet
>>doom song >>interrupt >>I saw a squirrel
>>come...gir >>to the rescue

Parent Teacher Night:

>>take make up >>took make up >>I love this show
>>watching tv >>change channel

Walk of Doom:

>>falling >>I don't need it! >>erumgh
>>guidance chip >>guidance chip2 >>awww..my bees
>>report for duty >>fully operational >>that monkey
>>walk the dog >>the bus >>street performers
>>were is home? >>cupcake >>you forgot?
>>sad gir >>compass >>eyes on fire
>>sleeping >>street performer >>juggling
>>on the bus >>I like destroying >>escape
>>use your jets >>cereal box >>dumpster

Bestest Friend:

>>master! >>yes, sir! >>transformation
>>transformation2 >>zip up >>bacon
>>meow >>party favors >>too smart for me!
>>make the cake


>>slurp >>slurping >>look up


>>hooray for earth >>laughing >>pig
>>roll on floor now >>need a hug >>goggle view
>>punishment >>germ spray >>gimme that
>>MacMeaties >>run on street >>I lost it...
>>reflection >>germ free

Attack of the Saucer Morons:

>>dance club >>home >>yay!
>>gov't. man >>gov't. android >>Ahhhh!

The Wettening:

>>rubber pig >>hellloooo >>wheee!

A Room with a Moose:

>>check-a-this! >>leave no enemies! >>walnuts
>>remote hog >>snatched


>>lounging >>fun dip >>wheee..
>>I agree

Invasion of the Idiot Dog Brain:

>>watching tv >>house's brain >>rubber moose
>>giggling >>can't reach >>almost...
>>zap! >>it lives!!! >>offline
>>crazy taco

Bad, Bad Rubber Piggy:

>>whee...PIG >>time travel >>rubber pig
>>change the past >>I loveded you! >>new piggy
>>science pig >>tears >>AAAH!
>>sees Dib >>scared >>we're doomed!

Planet Jackers:

>>it wasn't me >>I'm scared too! >>slides down
>>aaah! >>make biscuits >>not so bad
>>Dib's house! >>GIR eats? >>poop?
>>planet jackers >>pig >>G-force
>>Zim's eye >>no.... >>HI!
>>Zim goes out >>sitting >>HIII!!
>>Yes, sir!

Rise of the Zit Boy:

>>delivery >>thank you! >>pizza
>>smacky noise >>munch >>clensing chalk
>>in the box >>made it myself >>yum?
>>GIR swims >>Pustulio lives >>I obey!

Plague of  Babies:

>>screams >>suck >>some more
>>watching tv >>babies.... >>are dangerous
>>floating >>un plugs >>love babies
>>do something >>original recipe >>mayo, anyone?
>>cute babies

Bloaty's Pizza Hog:

>>plush monkey >>stop! >>down
>>looking at Gaz >>where is Dib?

Halloween Spectacular of Spooky Doom:

>>costumes >>Brian: zombie >>octopus
>>octo-fun >>more octo-fun >>octo-hat
>>tacquitos! >>halloweenies >>playing...
>>with food >>left-overs >>candy monster
>>more candy >>candy!! >>action pose
>>halloweenies 2 >>it is so NNY! >>candy glutton
>>king of the hill >>lollipop guild

Door to Door:

>>head so big >>WHY!!?? >>go crazy
>>eggs >>madness >>lawn angels
>>poop candy >>zim complains >>drool current..
>>poop dog >>good bye >>doing it wrong
>>whee! >>eats with kids >>candy truck

FBI Warning of Doom:

>>laughs >>who is it? >>remote controller
>>watch it again! >>FBI warning? >>Poop Corn
>>eats corn >>cries >>sleeps..

Mysterious Mysteries:

>>Attack Dib >>video1 >>video2
>>video3 >>Baby Dib/Gaz >>Stacy

Future Dib:

>>Call monkey >>Dib & monkey >>Popcorn 1
>>Popcorn 2 >>robot Dib >>Zim tongue
>>GIR tongue >>GIR/Zim laugh

Battle of the Planets:

>>Tea Party >>I gotta go pig >>Take-off
>>Leaving earth >>Get off my head! >>Gets off
>>Sleepy >>Get OFF! >>Rubs eyes
>>Zim & GIR >>*smack* >>Flies!
>>It's broken >>Dib's comp >>Face on Mars
>>Hello pilot! >>Because it's cool >>Zim flies Mars
>>Membrane puppet >>Sand face >>Hold on to...
>>Zim laughs >>Zim sandwich >>GIR sandwich
>>weenie roast >>GIR pig >>Dib is spotted
>>GIR obeys >>No face on shirt >>What's this do?!
>>Go away! >>Okee-Dokee >>GIR camera


>>GIR in dog suit >>Crazy GIR >>Answers the door
>>neighbors? >>Sits down >>close up
>>YUCK! >>GIR Sleeps >>OBEY
>>looks around >>Zim's lenses >>GIR obeys
>>GIR's a specimen >>but a happy one >>Gopher fusion
>>looks ut the window >>hold onto GIR!


>>defective SIRs >>GIR Jumps >>Packing Peanuts
>>chicken legs >>spazz >>no battery
>>looks up >>lawn piggy >>no power
>>break-dances >>eats robot >>runs off
>>GIR camera >>you're so cute! >>self-destruct
>>wrastle >>victory for Dib >>GIR on door

Tak the Hideous New Girl:

>>Dib & Mimi >>Tallest puppets >>Tak & Zim
>>upside down GIR >>zips up >>GIR & Mimi
>>Tak >>snack! >>face to face
>>robot bee >>Tak's plan >>headless GIR
>>after Ham Demon >>coffee >>coffee 2
>>Dib scales bld. >>Dib & weenie >>tracking device
>>Zim & Mimi >>GIR & Gaz >>well, I...
>>no you didn't >>dance with me >>spooky stare
>>Gaz dances >>Tak & Mimi >>GIR & Gaz dance
>>squishes face >>Dib ice cream >>Cat suit
>>Cat suit 2

GIR Goes Crazy and Stuff:

>>GIR's butt >>GIR & cow >>Voot Runner
>>Take the controls >>Yes SIR! >>GIR is happy
>>Weenies! >>pushes buttons >>behind Zim
>>behind Zim 2 >>Poop can >>GIR attacks
>>Dib & GIR >>at the base >>Cop car
>>GIR & Zim. >>in the shadows >>Zim with hat
>>Squid Man >>Release >>Bye! BYE!
>>eaten by a shark

Dib's Wonderful Life of Doom:

>>Brass Knuckles >>Dib, Zim, GIR >>No longer needed
>>Self-destruct >>YAY! >>Action poset
>>Tallest >>Older Dib

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