::Misc Goodies::

>>Desktop Icons:
To save, just click on these links with the second mouse button and choose save target as. 

>>Icons by cronoandmarlie@yahoo.com
Gir in dog suit // Purple Tallest // Red tallest // Zim's Ship // Meat Head / /Irken Symbol // Scary Monkey

>>Icons by contessina_2000@yahoo.com
Bill // Dib // Dib2 // Dib3 // Dib4 // Gaz // Gaz2 // GIR // GIR2 // Membrane // Mexico Guy // Zim //Zim7 // Dib5 // Dib6 // Gaz3

>>Screen Saver:
Submitted by Poop-Soda

1,067 KB (click to download)

>>WinAmp Skins

By: Dan
By: Contessa
By: Paul

>>Yahoo! Messanger Skin
This skin was made by: Jusuchinu. The instructions are in the zip file below:

Download Yahoo! Skin 1
Download Yahoo! Skin 2

>>AIM Expression 
This skin was made by: Steven Yang. For use with AOL Instant Messanger.

Download AIM Expression

>>CD covers
If you are like some of us, you put your Invader Zim episodes on CD after downloading them. Well Flit (first 2) and VampyreSolare (last 4) have made some CD covers for your episodes. Click on each thumbnail to download the fronts and backs:


>>Misc Animated Gifs:

>>Blinking Zim made by: homerj103@hotmail.com
>> Dancing GIR made by: homerj103@hotmail.com
>> GIR & Bomb made by: darthzim@hotmail.com
>> Zim Blinks made by: darthzim@hotmail.com
>> Dib UFO made by: darthzim@hotmail.com
>> GIR Blink made by: Nekomimi13@aol.com 
>> GIR Dressing made by: fia_lemming715@yahoo.com
>> GIR Spin made by: fia_lemming715@yahoo.com
>> GIR Blink Big made by: fia_lemming715@yahoo.com
>> Cute SIR made by: invader_teim@yahoo.com

made by Waffles.

>>IZ Stuff for the SIMS:
I've never played before, so I can't help you with installing or anything. If you would like to download the ZIM SIM (hehe) stuff, click below:

download simsz68.zip 
download Zim's Soda Machine sodapoop.iff 
Download these items to:
files/maxis/the sims/game data/userobjects
This Zim SIM pack was made by: CapnChubby [e] [h]

MORE Invader Sim by by: Jusuchinu:

>>Nokia Ring Tone: 
from: delirium-0@att.net
tempo: 225
8c1 8#d1 8f1 8- 8f1 8- 8f1 8- 8c1 8#d1 8f1 8- 8f1 8- 8f1 8- 8c1 8#d1 
8f1 8- 
8f1 8- 8f1 8- 8f1 8- 4f1 8#g1

keypresses: 182#404040 12#404040 12#404040 40495#8

>>AIM Icons/ and Avatars:

Steps to use AIM Icons:
1. Right Click; Save.
2. Go To AIM.
   a) Click; My AIM.
   b) Go To; Edit Options.
   c) Got To; Edit Preferences.
   d) Click; Buddy Icons.
   e) Click; Browse PC.
   f) Search For Saved Icon.

These icons were made by Racey

These icons were made by Pat

These icons were made by PeachNeko

These icons were made by Emilie

 These icons were made by Jace

These icons were made by sup3r_sean15@yahoo.com 

(this is clear through)

These icons were made by Brian

These icons were made by Nekomimi13@aol.com 

These icons were made by VampyreSolare

These icons were made by Solarestonekeeper88@hotmail.com

These icons were made by Invader_Kat

These avatars were made by boundonbarbedwire@yahoo.com

These icons were made by Kittiecat04@aol.com

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