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Tentative Release Date: Fall 2004 (Sept.-Oct.)

last updated: June 17, 2004

This page was created, so you would be able to find all of the info on the Invader Zim Figures being put out by Palisades:

Daily Bit
Info-Series 1
Info-Question and Answer

>> Prototypes
These are all prototype images for the figures. Click for a full view.

>> Daily Bit
Over on the Palisades website they have something called "The Daily Bit" where they show pictures and other information about upcoming toy lines. Below are all the ones concerning Invader Zim:

>>Tuesday - 3/2/04
>>Thursday - 3/18/04
>>Wednedday - 4/7/04
>>Thursday - 4/22/04
>>Tuesday - 6/8/04
>>Wednesday - 6/9/04
>>Thursday - 6/10/04
>>Monday - 6/14/04

>> Series 1

SRP will be 14.99 for each figure. The figures for Series 1 will be:

Invader ZIM
Zim is a short little Irken with a big attitude. In fact, he’s so full of himself that he doesn’t notice that the rest of his society hates him. After foiling the Almighty Tallest’s planned attempt at galactic conquest, Zim was banished to the planet FoodCourtia; however, he ‘quits’ when he learns that the Tallest are launching Operation Impending Doom II. To be rid of Zim, the Tallest send him on a “secret mission”… to take over a little planet known as Earth… Zim’s accessories include a fully customizable Hidden Subterranean Laboratory display base with 5mm connector pipes and four monitors with unique stickers, a Minimoose, a robot bee, Irkin Sandwich and a fully articulated spider pack. 

Dib is the only Skool kid who is able to realize that Zim is an alien, and he becomes obsessed with sharing it with everyone. Fortunately for Zim, Dib is unpopular at Skool, and none of the other kids will even listen to him, let alone believe what he says. Dib quickly becomes Zim’s biggest enemy, and will stop at nothing to deter Zim from conquering the earth. His accessories include a World Invasion Defense Workstation Display Base with a desk, a laptop computer with additional hard drives, a media stack, file folders, a monitor with unique stickers, and headphones. 

Almighty Tallest Purple
Irken leaders are determined by their height, with the tallest having the most power. Interestingly enough, there are two equally tall Irkens who are the largest on the planet, and together they serve as co-dictators. One of the tallest ­ the Tallest Purple ­ appears in Series 1, while the Tallest Red will appear later in the line. His accessories will include a Mobile Command Platform Thingy display base with connector tentacles and 4 monitors with unique stickers, a donut bag with donuts, an Irken soda, a Tallest Red puppet, and an Irken burrito. 

Each of the Irken invaders is given a SIR, a robot whose function is to assist in invasions. However, in their efforts to rid themselves of Zim, the Tallest construct a special GIR unit for him, made from spare parts and loose change. GIR, of course, proves to be less than useful to Zim’s “conquest” of earth, where GIR “blends in” with his green, doggy suit. GIR’s accessories include a Saucer Moron Convention display base with an attachable flying pig and banners, a Suckmonkey, a Saucer hat, and a Krazy Taco bag. 

Ms. Bitters
Dib and Zim’s teacher at Skool, Miss Bitters embodies all that is inhuman and negative in the world. She slithers like a snake, and takes is upon herself to crush the spirits of all of her students. Miss Bitter’s accessories include a Skoolroom display base with a wall and teacher’s desk, a “worm-infested” apple, ink blot tests, a nameplate, and a hallpass collar. 

Hot Topic exclusives:
Screaming Head ZIM, Military Mode GIR, Snarling Bitters, Grinning Purple, Mad Dib. These figures do not include the bases, just the accessories.

Palisades Exclusives:
Zim versus Dib 2-pack (alternate heads on both)
Underbite Zim

As for whether GIR's head will open...Anything is Possible! -ResidentLilly

>> Question and Answer
All questions are answered by ResidentLilly on the Invader Zim Questions? Ask Palisades threads on the Zim Section of their Messageboard. I have decided to post them here and keep it current, so you won't have to wade through the posts over there.(Questions listed in order they appeared in the thread. Questions are in bold, answers are not.)
Currently there are 2 different threads for official questions, please click one of the two titles below to expand the Q&A text.

Click Here for Q&A From: Invader Zim Questions? Ask Palisades 1.0 Thread!!

    Link to original: Invader Zim Questions? Ask Palisades 1.0 Thread!!

    Q&A from 2/11/04 - 4/12/04:

    $13-15 isn't expensive when you realize the market for toys nowdays is shrinking and this line will get almost no major retailer support. They are making less figures to fit the niche demand so therefore the prices per unit are a bit more to cover costs.

    Now these toys are not "movable" persay, right? They just sit on their stand and look are purdy like?

    Not a TON of posability possible with these teeny limbs, but we will squeeze in as much as we can.

    And will you be doing any ships? I'm really interested in seeing the Voot Runner and The Massive. I would totally buy those in a heart beat.

    Let's see how the figures do first. Open to anything, if the market is there.

    Are there any exclusives planned for cons or retailers?


    Can you fill us in on potential lineups?Series 1 / Series 2?

    S1 line-up is Zim and Gir (might be packed separately or together, have not decided), Dib, Bitters and Tallest Purple.

    Are there going to be variants? Exclusive?

    Yes to both. Stay tuned.

    Have you decided on accessories yet?

    Some. Still thinking about some others too...

    We will see painted versions at the Toy Fair coverage.

    Visitors to the show will see them. We will not be allowing any photos at the showroom though.

    Nother question- will there be figs of the not-so-major invaders, like Invader Spleen?

    I like to say Anything is Possible. And it is really. If the line takes off we'll make anything. Ask any Muppet buyer...we've done some pretty obscure stuff. They earned that by supporting the line.

    Will there be a regular version of Gir with green eyes, and a version with red eyes? Or will it be the same figure and red things can be put over the green eyes to make them red? Will there be any red-eyed Girs at all? Or what?

    A red-eyed military mode Gir is in the works, with the slanted eyes. Can't really do red eye coverings, as it would not be authentic...all his green parts change to red when he enters the "SIR" mode. I like authentic...as much as possible.

    Are these looking to come out about the same time as the season 1 DVD's come out? The DVD's are set to come out sometime this spring.

    Nope. Fall.

    I know in the Muppets line you guys cheated the scale on some of the characters just to get the small frys to a descent size. Will you be having to cheat the adults and tallest figures to fit them on the card? If so, will they still be quite a bit taller so we still have a semblance of their much larger scale when compared to the kid sized figures?

    Scale will be cheated, but there will be some visual significant differences in the sizes.

    That would be a dissappointment if Purple was nothing more than a repaint of Red. I wouldn't thinksome facial retooling is to much to ask since the rest of the figure could be totally reused. Besides if they were just planning on Purple being a repaint in the case, I'm sure they would have already announced him along with Red in series one.

    Tallest Purple is in Series One. When we get to a Series 2 Tallest Red will appear. They will have two different heads, though the bodies will likely be the same. However, the tentative plan right now is to have a platform for their display base that connects together. So it should look cool displayed together or separately.

    Will it be Tallest Red or Purple that appears in wave 1? Your press release said it'd be Tallest Red but you've recently stated we'd be getting Tallest Purple first.

    Tallest Purple. The press release is incorrect. I usually proof them before they go out, but there was no time in this case.

    Will we be seeing anything from toyfair?

    Nope...but we do have some palns to show some photos of protos here soon...I think I may resurrect the Daily Bit from product devleopment or something...

    When you say connectable platform for the tallest bases are you talking about something similar to a cheated down version of the Conventia stage at the great assigning or maybe their platform where they sit in the Massive?

    Either one really. I haven't quite decided yet. They both have their advantages and disadvantages. We might go with a mixture of both. No matter what we do it will have a cool look.

    And as a special treat check this out [pig accessory for GIR]...

    NOTE: This might come with GIR...though we have not officially decided yet. We are doing a bunch of concepts right now trying to figure out what will and won't work within our budget.

    I'm thinking of this on a small park base with a few small items for the regular release of Gir, and the living room for Dog Disguise later on down the road.

    AGAIN...this is simply one of many possible ideas.

    Here's another display base we are kicking around and thinking about...again, this is all conceptual, and not guaranteed, but figured you'd want to get a look at the process...been working on these things a while and been itching to talk about stuff on the boards but had to wait til we announced it. [Bitters Base]

    Please say the plan is to release all the figures with this type of mini enviroment. 

    "the plan is to release all the figures with this type of mini enviroment."

    There I said it...what next?

    Could you let us know what ideas you have for the bases of Zim and Dib? Pleease?

    For Irken Zim, we're leanig towards an underground base type set-up. For Dib the front runner is his workstation (I think in his bedroom, yeah?).

    Do you know if an Australian release of this merchendise is happening?

    Unknown...we will OFFER it to the usual Aussie distributors, but it is up to them to say yes or no.

    The Tallest sort of float. will this be simulated with a little clear plastic stand?


    Ken, if you fellows do decide to go with partial playset bases, do you think you will you make future playset bases for other figures that can interconnect with that base to make a larger enviroment?

    I really don't know that yet. All I can tell you is that the two Tallest bases will probably interconnect. As for any other figures, I just don't have the answer yet.

    If Wave I goes well, will you be taking suggestions for Wave II figures?

    I'm already looking at all the suggestions all over the board. So fire away with anything you wanna see whenever you want...not saying that means it gets made, but we like to see what people really dig on when making any product.

    What are the odds of us getting a little playset thingie of the bridge of The Massive? I know anything's possible, but I just wanna make sure it's on your collective minds, and it'd be nice to know how many (if any) will be released along with the first wave.

    No playsets are currently planned. It IS in our contract, but we need to see how the first set of Series does first. Remember, Zim is a niche license so we need to gauge what kind of support it gets at retail.

    Will the Tallests look like they did for the majority of the show, or more Goofy-like how they appeared in the Nightmare begins" with softer color schemes? I would prefer the more angular look with the more bold color schemes of the rest of the show, myself.

    I think we have a sculpt that reflects what you prefer.

    Does the licence cover crew members who've made cameos? For example Jhonen Vasquez, Rikki Simmons and Steve Ressell. If so, these would make AWESOME Collectors Club exclusives!

    The license covers the whole show, however some characters like those you mention might be tough to do...we'd have to look into that kind of thing, and we'd be willing to expore it if the line does well.

    I'm trying not to be annoying while asking about the pictures, but you said that we'll see them soon. Can you give us a date?

    Answer? I just don't know...we have to get full approval on the pieces and then its up to Marketing when to release the full detailed photos. I will try to get some preview stuff up soon.

    Also, how will the case assorments be, and about how big will these guys be? (in inches) Cause, if they are a good size, plus a ton of accesories and a uber-cool display base, these will be a great deal for 13-15 dollars (if that is the price)

    Case assortments and sizes are still being determined.

    I know that scale considerations need be worked out for budget purposes, but if the line proves successful enough to get to wave 3 and beyond..... many of us would like to start seeing some of ZIM and Dib's classmates. What would you think about possibly offering these as two packs since the figures are small and almost all of these characters really wouldn't need much if any accessories?

    I really like your enthusiasm, but let's take it one step at a time. I don't want to speculate and get people's hopes up. Let's see how the line develops, make some good strong first Series product and go from there.

    Also, I know that you don't have the exact size, but will Dib, GIR, and Zim have there own scale, while Bitters and Purple have their own?

    It's what we call "cheated scale". Any Muppet action figure buyer can tell you exactly what that means. In a nutshell it is not true scale, but a close proximation....as close as you can get and still stay within your budget.

    Just out of curiousity, does Jhonen actually know about these figures being made? It'd be kinda wierd for him to walk past hot-topic and see Zim figures in the window.

    I have no idea. I often wonder that myself.

    Assuming that wave one recieves a warm reception, what are the odds of Red and Purple (*twiddles thumbs* Or... Other figures...) being re-released as 12" tall figures? I'd need a few of those bad boys. Also, how tall will Almighty Tallest Purple (that is how he'll be titled on the box, right?) be in wave one?

    If the line does well and there is a good market for it we will explore all kinds of product possibilities. In the meantime our focus will be the smaller scale figures.

    Ken, I know you folks at Palisades aren't big on gimmicks or action features, but have you thought of maybe doing some scented accessories? Maybe some smelly pork products, pizza or something might work well with the overall ZIM feel. Just a suggestion. 

    Oh don't worry...you know from buying Muppets that the accessories will be smelly no matter WHAT we add to them!

    Ken as far as the first wave goes, which figure is your favorite or are you most proud of? 

    I think it is too early to say. Stage one, the initial sculpts, are completed and completed very well, but I haven't had an opportunity to make any revisions yet. That, and since they went right to Toy Fair and are still in boxes, I have not had a chance to get in and really study them for any length of time. I expect to when I get the second set of samples in from the sculptor.

    That sculptor's name is Ralph Cordero, specifically ToxicMom Studio (sorry I may be butchering how he spells it). Ralph and I met WAAAAAAAY back in the ReSaurus days when he worked on some Gex stuff and other various cool items. They do really nice work over there. This line was perfect for his style and talent. Mad props to Ralph for some great work.

    I should know who my favorite is in a few weeks...but that ALWAYS changes when we convert to toys. I have no idea why.

    Any word on the facial expression Purple will have? I've been scouring the BBRP screenshot archives and have yet to find a face I'd consider good (at least, when it never changes).

    Very much like the photo a few posts back. [before  page 8 of the thread]

    Also, have the accessories been decided yet, or are you still reading our suggestions in the thread? How many accessories do you intend on packing with each figure? (Or at least, do you feel the suggestions in the thread are too many, too few, or just right?)

    Too many. But not unexpected. You guys don't know just how complex these display bases are going to be. But the average amount of smaller accessories per SKU will be three, but the display bases are not part of that three. It will be a jam packed card though.

    As far as the decisions, yeah I have the accessories nailed down I think. I did read all the suggestions as a back-up, which is what I usually do. I like to push myself to get to know a property as much as I can when working on the line...and then check my ideas against hardcore fan ideas to see if I am on the right page. IN this case I am...our ideas are not all that different.

    However, that does not mean they are always locked in by me either...MANY a product has been guided by the helpful input of the hardcore fanbase...and that is exactloy how it SHOULD be.

    I know this has been asked before, but I just want it visually confirmed. Which of these two versions of the Tallest will the figures be (for both body shape and color)? The early version or The late version? I prefer the late version, as do most people (I think).

    The later version is the template for our figs. Yeah...let go of the size thing...cause I REALLY just don't know right now! 

    To the point about cheated thicknesses of arms and legs...that is absolutely true. Right now the arms and legs of the prototypes are VERY thick. That was so they would stay together and hold up in resin. We will thin them out as much as humanly possible for the toys, but don't expect miracles. I mean, they have to stay together. Some character likeness will be lost because of that...but waddya gonna do?

    And don't expect GIR's legs not to be attached!

    Is there any concern about the Tallest's massive forearms held up by their tiny upper arms? or is this really something not to worry about?

    I wouldn't worry about it.

    Ken, this is a somewhat off topic question but I'd just like to get you thoughts on Invader ZIM as a program. I know you are somewhat new to the show but have deeply emersed yourself in it trying to get the minute details of the toys right. I really wanted to know what you thought of the show from a personal perspective.

    Like most things going on with me these days, I tend to only have time for what I already have going on, and adding a new item in the mix means something else usually has to get cut. Like when football season ends...suddenly I have time for some new TV, which is great cause that's when Survivor starts!

    Anyway, I never saw Zim when it was on the air. I had heard people talking about it but never had time to add it into my list of "regular stuff I do every day". Some people in the office really liked it and recommended it, but I had still not ever seen it.

    Then the deal came in on the license, or at least the prospect of a deal. Then I got some eps from some folks around the board who hooked me up with some, um...how does one say it? Unauthorized copies on DVD. The first spisode I watched, the pilot, I was sitting there saying..."um...ok...when does it get good?"

    Right about that moment they introduced GIR, and it started to get more interesting. Though the first show was still kind of just so-so, but after I saw the second I really saw it for what it was...innovative. Different. Unique. Not the standard animated fare. It reminded me of Ren and Stimpy back when Ren and Stimpy was innovative, different and unique.

    There are still about 12 eps I have not watched. For some reason some DVD's work in my player, some do not. But from what I have seen I can only imagine how good the show would have progressed had it been allowed to continue unhindered. But like most things, when non-creative types start mucking around with the creative forces behind a show, it messes up the true flavor.

    Anyway...long story short...I dig the show, consider myself a fan of it, and now have decided to try to investigate more about the creator and his other work.

    Did you show the painted versions of series 1 at Toy Fair? What were the reactions? And of course, how long until we see images here, if at all?

    Reaction was very good. And yeah we showed Series 1. We will start showing sculpts here in 4-6 weeks...but there are a few things non sculptural to show before then in the Daily Bit.

    Will there be extras such as Zim's backpack attached to his back already or will it just be Zim without the backpack on?

    The backpack will be removable.

    Mr.Lilly, giving Purple the punching doll is inaccurate. It is indeed Red who has the doll, not Purple.

    I prefer putting the Tallest Red doll with the Tallest Purple figure. It makes sense to me, from two perspectives. One, just because Red played with it, doesn't necessarily mean Purple would not. Two, because it is a way to represent both characters in Series One, which I think is a good thing.

    We do this all the time anyway...what matters most is that the item comes out. I have something in mind for Red that may not leave budget for the doll anyway. This way you know you get it.

    Hey, if it really bugs you...you can always keep the doll in a drawer until Series 2 comes out!

    How much variation would there usually be in variants in a given wave? It'd be kinda neat to see the early Tallests as variants (though I like the later ones better) in the first two waves.

    As much as we can...probably won't do any variants of Tallest.

    Also, will the box list Purple as "Purple," "Tallest Purple," or "Almighty Tallest Purple"? If you go for the last one (my preference!), make triply sure that you don't misspell almighty by adding an extra l (not to insult your intelligence, but it's just a common error people seem to make).

    Whatever Nickelodeon decides works for them.

    How did Zim do at the toy fair? In other words did anyone seem interested i.e. potential retailers?

    Retailers always have a good response to protos at a show...there's no pressure for them. They aren't required to write orders for the items at that time for the most part. I don't really think you can make a judgement about how they react until it comes time for the PO's to be turned in.

    This is the first time I've ever even heard of Palisades, and my question is, do you sell in Canada? I'd give an arm and a leg to get the pair of AMTs, but instead of ordering I'd really just like to go to the city Toys 'R Us and pick them up. Is that possible?

    We offer the line to everyone. I doubt TRU in Canada will take it. I think we sell a bit of everything to Silver Snail, but remember...it is up to the retailer to carry any product, not Palisades. If it was up to us every store on the continent would carry our product. It is not up to us.

    If you have a retailer you like to buy from they are the ones you have to convince...

    You say you have something special in mind for Red that might eat up his budget for other accessories. Could this item be either Table Service Drone Bob or a Massive Crew Member pack-in figure?

    Anything is possible! 

    Have you contacted any of the Australian retailers (Comics 'R' Us, Alternate Worlds...) and informed them of this or any other new lines?

    Not yet. Hard sell of the ZIM line begins next month. Then we will offer it to everyone. Just remember that we DO offer it to everyone, but it is up to them to decide if they want it. If you have a retailer you want to carry this line, I suggest you contact them and tell them of your interest.

    When you say Palisades exclusive, does one have to sign up for the CC to purchase the figure?

    No. There are two types of exclusives we sell. One is a Palisades Exclusive...which means anyone can go to our web site and order it. The other is a Collectors Club exclusive, which can only be ordered by Club members through regular membership channels.

    There will probably be some ZIM item that is sold through the Club at some point. Any of our convention exclusives are, and I would bet money that ZIM will get a con exclusive at some point.

    Is it individual store locations that buy their toys, or is it the giant company HQ that distributes them to the stores? Who do I convince to start selling the toys?

    That really depends on the retailer. My advice is to go to the store where you would make the purchase and start there. Ask them what you can do to inspire get that retailer to carry a product.

    Ken missed this so I guess I'll come out of lurking in the shadows briefly to answer it (as I'm doing the computer modeling on the accessories and display bases)

    Bry...this is just like the good old days isn't it? (Bry did modeling work on Micronauts back in the day). You can see some of Bry's work in tomorrow's first ever INVADER ZIM Daily Bit!!!

    Will we be able to buy these in stores in the UK? Or will I have to order these online?

    We'll offer it to the UK...up to the retailer though.

    With the Palisades Club exclusive model, how do you get it? Is it just being a member of the forums or a club on the official site?

    I don't know if I follow you...

    You mentioned earlier that what the names on the boxes are will be under Nick Jurisdiction....Just what degree of freedom has Nick given you guys?

    Well like any other license it is give and take...but at the end of the day, we have to get everything approved by Nickelodeon.

    How far down the line will the toys be before we get to see pics of the boxes? Will you be taking ideas/concepts for box art from the fan community?

    No, though that would certainly be fun. Believe it or not, Nick has a very nifty packaging style guide for all things ZIM. We'll use that as our starting point.

    know you shared Purple's accessories but I was watching Battle of the Planets tonight and I would love to see a small handheld planet Earth and Mars so the tallest can replicate ZIM's plan to squish out all life on Earth come with Red. These wouldn't be much to make and would give a fun sense of playability between the two. What do you think about this?

    I think it's a great idea that I have no budget for!

    Will duty/military mode GIR have a different base and/or accessories?

    Not likely, but I do not know for sure.

    If new stuff is unfeasable and duty GIR does come with the same base, is it possible that you could make the base attachable to the regular GIR's base for an extended saucer moron scene with two pedestals? That way we could have one pedestal displaying the pig and the other displaying the blender (if it ends up coming with it). I'd prefer new stuff though.

    Wouldn't we all? As for the attachableness...I dunno at this time. You can always puch them together without attachableness.

    Will the Zim/Dib two pack have a new display base and accesories?


    Ken, just FYI, "Military Mode" is explicitly referred to as "Duty Mode" in the episode "GIR Goes Crazy and Stuff." Juuuust checking. 

    Noted for future packaging reference.

    Also, can you give me a height range for about how tall you guesstimate each figure will be? Or just one? The obsessive/compulsive me can get them all perfectly in scale (before cheating) for you if you just give me a benchmark (assuming Nick hasn't given you an incorrect scale ).

    Nope. But I can say that Ihave some scale charts, both official and unofficial and I have it covered.

    Whats differant about military mode gir to the regular figure ?

    The pic says it all. New eyes, new salutin' arm.

    What varients are you considering doing for Series 2?

    I think I'd have to have an official S2 line-up before any variants can be explored.

    Also, can you guys do Mega figures?

    Yes we are allowed to contractually.

    Ken, When can we expect more preview images of Dib and Gir?

    You'll start seeing a lot more over the next several weeks, leading up to full frontal pics when the real sales/marketing cycle begins in April.

    Ken, are you somewhat surprised to see the forum blow up like this so far ahead of the release date and because no pictures were released to the public at toyfair?

    Not really, no. I think that I have always known that ZIM has a very passionate fanbase.

    Do you think this excitement bodes well for the future of the line?

    I don't think it relates much. Let me explain. It does reinforce the idea that ZIM fans are passionate, and it is great to see the ideas, the exchange of excitement, that sort of thing. But still, you have, what, like maybe 30-40 people overall posting in these threads? There just isn't enough of a presence yet here for me to say that I think it will or won't have an impact on sales, which is what the future of the line really is all about as far as how far it can go.

    I don't want that to sound like I'm peeing in your corn flakes, because I think the people here, aside from some miscreants, are pretty cool and it helps me to stay jazzed about the line...but it really isn't something that can lead to any conclusive decision about the lines future from a raw numerical perspective.

    Why are thin limbs an issue? couldn't some wire solve the problem? I mean....thin wire?

    The thinner the limbs, the LESS chance of wire. Safety testing issues.

    As you've seen the geometrically impossible irken heads, can you tell us what the final 3-D shape is going to be?

    Easier to show you when the models are ready for debut.

    Anyway, since you guys picked up the licence, is there any characters you've been itching to do?

    Um...ALL of them!

    You were saying that Tallest Purple will get the boxing puppet because Tallest Red has something big planned that will take up most of the figures accessory budget. Well, will the puppet be purple or red (the color)?

    The puppet will be red. But that is not the only reason I wanted the puppet there. And I am not sure if I said BIG accessory or just something special.

    I know that the picture of Zim was a very quick and rushed model, but will the final Zim have the "shineness" in his eyes?

    You gotta keep in mind that the 3-D model that Bry has in his art is a quickie rush job of a Zim figure but it is NOT the Zim sculpture. The Zim sculpture will look a LOT different than the 3-D model. We actually had the sculpture built even before Bry cooked that up, and I am revising the sculpture even more this weekend to get it even more character correct.

    As for the material of the eyes, we will likely do them in a deep red very shiny sem-translucent plastic.

    well can you tell me how you plan to make the thin arms?

    Very very carefully!

    From what you've seen so far, what would you say is your favorite proto? 


    Can you give us some insight to the different facial variations that ZIM will be sporting?

    One is basically expressionless with oval eyes and no mouth. One is the full scream like we showed in the CC newsletter preview. The other is the furrowed brow, squinty-eyed snarl.

    Is there any chance we could see and a simple variation of GIR with his tongue slightly sticking out of his closed mouth in robot mode? That would be a very hot selling very simple variant to do.

    There's a chance of an in case chase for that. I've been thinking lately of not sculpting the mouth on and instead tampo printing it for a couple of different expression possibilities.

    Have you worked out the sizes of the figures yet, and if so ,what are they?

    Nope, not officially.

    will there be any difficulties trying to recreate the sharp corners seen on the characters in the show?

    Some. But we will get it as close as we can.

    Can you tell us anything about the articulation of each figure?

    Still working some of it out...I'll know much more in a week.

    Is Tallest Purple's hand removable, or does the puppet fit over his fingers?

    Front section is removable and the the puppet inserts onto the wrist.

    Will there be grabbable pigs for Gir?

    None planned for Series 1.

    After the first two waves most of the essential characters will be in the books. If the line progresses beyond that point do you forsee the waves having one or two ZIM, GIR or DIB variants a wave?

    I would never plan a wave with no ZIM in it. The rest would be open.

    Are you guys kicking around any ideas for Series 3 yet?

    In my head I have taken it to Series 6...but that's just the dreamer in me.

    Since it IS Red's puppet, part of Red's gauntlet(s) will be removable as well, right?

    Red will use virtually the same body as Purple.

    Will both gauntlets be removable for the puppet, or only one? If so, any word on which?

    Only one.

    Are there plans to articulate the puppet to allow the arms to be in either punching or defending poses?


    Will the bag of donuts be holdable by Purple?

    Depends on what you define as holdable...lots of folks have different definitions of what that is.

    Any word on whether Purple's packaging shall label him as Purple, Tallest Purple, or Almighty Tallest Purple?

    Leaning towards Almighty Tallest Purple.

    Also, not a question but a statement: Pleeeeeease read the "You Deserve a Bit Today..." thread for my comments on the AMT Purple figure. Especially the part about darkening his darks.

    I read it. But you didn't read the Bit...color is not even on my mind right now...that gets tweaked later.

    *My bad...I must have written the color comment on the message board. You are absolutely right.

    I don't midn if people nitpick...at the end of he day I'll take what I can, use it, and move forward. If I can't use it or I don't agree with it, I move forward knowing that people had their say and right or wrong they said it.

    I never mind crits...I have dealt with it as an artist since I was 16. I only get steamed when the crit is useless and non-constructive or short-sighted, which yours do not really seem to be. As long as the crit-giver knows that I am not always gonna agree and can accept that, it's all good.

    And we all have our "thing"...you should see how much biitching I do when I pick up a Star Wars figure and something on it is out of whack. It's nutty.

    Thank you Ken, you're a wonderfully patient man to put up with my constant critique.

    You have no idea.

    Lily, you mentioned that you had taken the Zim line to series 6 in your mind. If you had complete control in making the line, who would you put in the other four waves?

    It's Lilly, and I ain't gonna fall into THAT trap! No speculation will be had by me on what might or might not come out that far in advance.

    Are there any possibilities for larger Peepi, Santa, etc. figures that are more combat oriented? As in, they can battle Rock 'Em Sock 'Em style?

    As with anything, the possibilities are in your hands not mine. If the product we put out sells well then we put out more, and logically that means expansion into unique products...

    When does the license end ?

    Sometime in 06 I think.

    What is the flexibility that each character can have, and can it be possible for them to bend all curvy-like instead of a well-defined joint?

    No bendies here. However, it is also important to note that the designs of the characters REALLY limit the joint possibilities. I don't expect a lot of the smaller guys to have a ton of joints. So we'll make up for that with other things that make the product fun.

    I was just wondering. Also, just out of curiosity, what was your favorite episode, Lilly?

    I don't know titles, and I still haven't seen all the eps since I don't have them all, but my favorite of what I have been able to see is the one where GIR is made "smart" and tries to take over the mission cause he realizes what a fool Zim actually is.

    Ken can you tell us what is going to happen to smirking Dib from the 2-pack?


    Ken will the bonus accessories be available through the collector's club?


    Ken do you know if Hot Topic plans to put Duty GIR on their webstore for those of us who don't live within several hundred miles of a HT brick and mortar store?

    NO idea! 

    Ken is there chance that a cyborg variant version of the squirrel accessory could make it out to us? (The cyborg squirrels were seen at the front of the Tak The Hideous New Girl episode) 

    Anything is possible! 

    Ken, any plans for the next Zim bit? The community eagerly awaits Zim's laboratory! Also, I wanna see the Zim and GIR figures standing next to one another. Maybe with Dib nearby... *shrug*

    The next Zim Bit will probably be out of my hands. I am only filling in this week for the vacationing Travis.

    These are coming out in September? How long will there be between waves?

    Yes on September...AND October...I'll explain that later. Something is coming out earlier than the rest of the line.

    As for the other, I don't know. Probably 4 months or more.

    How are concepts for the packaging going. I was just thinking it'd be neat to have a quote from the character on the back of the package. Just something neat and unique.

    I don't disagree, but I don't actually do the packaging. I'm sure Greg will come up with something cool though. He always does.

    Ken, there seem to have been a few changes to the accessories. Before, you (or someone) said Zim was getting the Evil Death Bee, but the pic was of his robot bee. And now it seems Dib's satellite dish is coming from somewhere else. Can we have an updated (even if it isn't final) list of accessories if there have been any changes I haven't notices? Heck, is it true that Zim gets the robot bee and not the death bee?

    I mistakingly called it by the wrong Bee designation. It is the Robot Bee. As for the official accessory list, that will have to wait a while. It's all not totally solidified yet.

Click Here for Q&A From: Invader Zim Questions? Ask Palisades 2.0 Thread!!

    Link to original: Invader Zim Questions? Ask Palisades 2.0 Thread!!

    Q&A from 4/12/04 - PRESENT:

    Any list of national retailers interested in the line?

    Not yet. The sales cycle hasn't really begun hardcore yet though either. It usually begins full force with the sending of photos and materials to Diamond for solicitation in Previews. That occurs in a few weeks.

    Or any besides Hot Topic interested in exclusives?

    For Series 1, the only people who will have exclusives will be Hot Topic and Palisades. 

    What does Nick think of the figures so far? Or do they even care?

    They care very much. And they like the stuff they have been seeing on this, Ren and Stimpy and on Fairly Oddparents. They have had revisions, as do all licensors, but they have been nothing but supportive and helpful and we have had lots of great interaction.

    I'm wondering how long it will be before we can see some shots of the actual GIR and actual Accessories and stuff. Aren't these due out in July?

    They are due out in September/October. More pics will start showing up in a few weeks.

    Okay, roughly how many figures are you making? 100,000? 100,000,000?

    We never really discuss numbers of figures produced anymore, unless it is a numbered edition. I will say that I don't think it will go quite as high as 100,000,000.

    Would an Australian exclusive be possible for a wave in the future?

    Only if an Aussie distributor TAKES one. We offer stuff, but the final decision is never ours to make.

    Only Palisades/Hot Topic exclusives? Does this mean Screaming Head Zim is a Palisades Exclusive, or has it been cancelled altogether?

    Ah, what a mysterious mystery. The answer is yes and no.

    Have the final sculpts been completed yet?

    First round of protos were. But the tweaks are in progress.

    If so. when shall we be lucky enough to lay our eyes on them? or is that up to the other guy? (I forgot his name)

    Probably a month or so. Travis is his name-o, though.

    Oh, that's much later. I'll let you slide on the picture thing then. 

    When will we get our first Invader Zim figure? Will it be when series one comes out, or perhaps a preview exclusive like WWE Dr. Teeth?

    It will be one month or so before the general release, and you will find any preview figures only at Hot Topic.

    And this Palisades exclusive you mention.... is this a club exclusive or a general store exclusive. Have you told us what it is?

    No we haven't told you what it is. But there will be both at some point I think.

    Heh, intentionally use my site name there, or was it a coincidence? Ok, real question: Are you being mysterious because it'll be a sweet surprise, or because details haven't been pinned down yet?

    It will be a sweet surprise. Details have totally been pinned down for all except the CC only exclusive.

    Will the Collector's Club free figure be an exclusive from the Zim line?

    Now sure what you mean by "free" fig.

    If no, what about for Zim fans who need to choose between a case, or a membership and one full series?

    My recommendation? Buy ten cases of regular figures, four full memberships and 35 of each of the Palisades exclusive.  I mean, what's more important, Zim or food?

    What's the size comparison on these bad boys. As opposed to the Muppet lines. Are they to be more in scale with Fairly Odd Parents? 

    The scale on this line is tricky. But Zim is about 4 inches or so. Maybe a bit bigger. The rest fall in around that relatively. Tallest is over 7 though.

    If they ARE like Fairly Oddparents, will they have interchangable parts for cooler expression? The Bit eluded to some strangness that we would be blown away by... Just curious if this was it. Although you probably won't be telling me. 

    I don't know what you are referring to specifically.

    What are you folks insinuating when you speak of "smaller figures" in teh Bit. This hints to the fact that there will be LARGER figures at some point... 

    Clueless on this one too...what context do you mean?

    Have the sale prices been determined yet?

    Yeah...14.99 SRP.

    has the concept art for the packaging been done?


    is Elvis really dead?

    Sadly. Still the King though.

    has purples head been attached yet?


    can we expect a few more Bits during Zims 'push' month?

    Of course.

    Does Palisades ship to Australia?


    Is clamshell packaging the new standard for the Palisades figures? Will all lines have the same type if clamshell?

    It is for most of the larger SRP items yes. The small stuff (Crittaz, etc) are not clamshelled.

    Is Palisades planning on making any statuettes or the like?

    Our philosophy is thus...if S1 does well we'll consider expaning the line to other types of product. I hope it does...cause I would kill to get my hands on a MEGA GIR with a zippable plush dog disguise.

    In a former message you stated that you desired to look into Senior Vasquez's other works. Have you had a chance to do that?

    I've looked at some stuff.

    Have you guys been in contact at all with Jhonen?

    A little. He stopped by the booth at WWLA.

    Will he be doing any Art for you guys on the Figure Line?

    Sadly, no.

    Any chance of you guys working with Media-Blasters to include a special figure with the DVD Box Set? If not, WHY NOT?

    Dunno...that's entirely in the hands of the Sales and Marketing departments, not me.

    You might check with Diamond Comics Dist. about an exclusive figure, they had alot of sales from their exclusive Zim T-shirts.

    They wanted an Army of Darkness figure exclusive.

    This may be a bit early yet, but Will there be at least TWO full sets of the five figures in a case, or is it likely that there'll be a shortpacked figure?

    Two full sets. Extra Zim. Extra GIR. That makes 12.

    If series two does come out and we get Dog GIR, would he come with another big pack-in similar to the pig? How about packing him in with Nick?

    Anything is possible.

    Are Girs arms going to have a poseable elbow joint?

    Nope. Too small.

    is artwork for wave II being plnned out already?

    Working on Series 1 right now.

    will Dib be less than 2 Dib heads tall like on the GSTD notice?

    It's not quite that ratio, but similar.

    How much of these things do you plan to sell exclusively on the site?

    Probably a few things by the time the line is all wrapped up. I'd say it is worth it. Two are already in the works that I know of, and pretty sure there will be more. Plus you have access to any giveaways we do in the "contest for purchase" contests.

    how are the figures coming along?

    See above and check in on the Bits next week.

    are you kickin around any ideas for s3? 

    Same as before...let's get Series 1 on the shelf first shall we?

    are you planning on any accessories to come with the tallest? cough table headed service drone bob cough 

    Better do something about that cough. No, THSD Bob will not be a Tallest Accessory.

    Do you know who if any retailers in the UK are taking Invader Zim?

    I'm not sure if we have the rights outside the US. I'll have to check on that. I know that contractually sometimes we don't have international selling rights, but I am not sure if Zim does or does not.

    Is Hot Topic going to offer the normal figures as well as the variants?

    No...they will only carry their exclusive group of figs.

    Will the exclusive Ms. Bitters figure have a purple cloak instead of a black one?

    Dunno yet. I haven't really started to focus on colors yet.

    Do Bitters' blotch tests have the answers writen in or blank?


    Do Dib's monitor stickers fit on both the main monitor and the labtop?

    No. Different stickers for either screen.

    Also, I was looking at the Bit pictures, and so far, everybody's looking great. Although, nobody looks like they can hold anything. Will they be able too?

    Some things sure. Obviously GIR won't realy hold anything in a traditional way.

    When (roughly) can we expect definitive details on the Zim/GIR 2-pack and the exclusives?

    What kind of details are you looking for?

    Is it possible that Palisades could offer the Hot Topic variants (possibly by case or set lots particularly) through the Collector's Club (for Intl. consumers)?

    No it's not. The CC has never been allowed to carry retailer exclusives. However, if the HT stuff blows out and sells out fast, I can possibly bring up the idea of doing a second run for the CC in a boxed set or something. But that would only happen after many months of HT receiving and selling theirs. That's the only way I could see it happen.

    There are lots of toys and collectibles out there in this price range that sell every year. Look at the Nightmare Before Christmas stuff. Most of the Star Wars Unleashed sell for more than this and many fly off the shelf. Perhaps some of the collectors on this board may be turned off by the price points, but I think we'll be pleasantly surprised by what happens.

    Well stated. Unleashed is oftentimes 18-20 now, or at least I see it at that in some spots, and they have no playability at all. They do look cool, I do buy them...but I still stand by the fact that these 15 price point figs are a decent price. 

    The exclusives? Yeah a bit steep...but I did expect that from Hot Topic. Not that they are bad, but there is a simple way to understand why stores like Hot Topic have higher prices than others, and why that creates the actual NEED for exclusive merchandise at their stores. But my hand hurts, so I will explain some other time.

    Ken, when designing something like this, do you watch the shows over and over or do you have designers that do that?

    There is a small group of people for each of our lines that sort of work behind the scenes together fleshing stuff out. Sort of a virtual think tank. 
    We all contributed some ideas, designs and raw work...though I have to say that early the others in that group were FAR more knowledgable about Zim...but I have caught up quite a bit since it all started. Thankfully (or not I guess you coudl say) there is only so much material to absorb.

    Will the bases have a bit of color tweaking in the HT versions?

    The HT versions do not come with the bases.

    Well, I think this will cause a lot of the ZIM fans to become disinterested. To be honest quite a few got disinterested when they found out that the toys were going to cost $15 a shot in the first place. The fans want toys but most thought that was a bit too steep. I'm going to move this down off my personal list of toy priorities because I just don't like how it's being handled and it's too expensive. I'll pick these up when they start hitting closeout after the first of the year.

    I am curious...how would you have handled the line since you think it is being handled poorly?

    I really hope the Fairly Oddparents line is not going to be treated in the same manner.

    Again, please explain that...because I am not anything if not open to specific criticism...

    I don't want to buy just one because I don't want to have a collection with holes in it, as most collectors don't want either. As for this whole idea that Palisades MUST release 7 varaint exclusives in the first wave to make a profit, I don't buy it. What other action figure line has had to do that to make ends meet? 

    I find that most collectors I know are not completists. But if you decide you do not want any part of a line because you can't collect all of it, that is everyone's free right. We have taken it on the chin since day one over this or that or exclusives or whatever, and we also get props for the same things and other things. Can't please everyone, and I don't think any company should try.

    At some point I want to address the issue in a much more tangible and meaningful way...not to change anyone's mind, but at least to maybe get some things off my chest about the state of the industry as a whole and those who support it and maybe shed some light on some things that the uber-completist doesn't really consider. I will at some point when I get some time. Heck I used to be one, til recently...but then I figured out some stuff that I wanna put down on paper.

    Also, is it too late to change your mind about the way the HT varients are going? Cause I know that a lot of guys seem mighty pissed off at this. 

    Even if it was not too late, I don't think anything would change. I see nothing wrong with having these figures structured as they are. There has been little to no Zim merchandise...ever. The fact that there is now a lot that will be available doesn't seem like a problem to me.

    See, we'd be damned if we did damned if we didn't anyway. No matter what decision gets made over any line, someone is cheesed off about something. Not enough figures. Too many figures. That character choice has too many obscure characters. That character choice has too many mainstream characters. Too many repaints. Not enough distribution. Too much distribution. Price is too high. Figures are too simple. Figures are too complex. The exclusives are too choice. The exclusives are just repaints. And so on and so on. 

    There is absolutely no way possible to please everyone. A very wise man said to me, and I have always remembered it:

    "You could pack a crisp $100 dollar bill into a $5 figure, that had 48 points of articulation, a full playset display base and a dozen accessories, and someone would still complain that you did not give them $20's and they had to go make change."

    So what's my point? I don't have a specific one I guess. You have the option of buying all figures, no figures, or the figures you want. If you like Zim, and see the figures and like the figures, you can get the ones you like. If you feel like you were ****ed because there are two versions of the same figure and you feel, because of a completist compulsion, like you are now forced to buy both and therefore will not buy any because you find the practice of limited edition exclusives repugnant, that is your choice. This is a totally free country and I would not try to convince you otherwise. It would be a losing argument anyway.

    It comes down to a personal choice really. I don't think Palisades is wrong for making alternate versions available. Just like I didn't think it was wrong to have a blue and a red Vacation Fozzie. Or three Johnny's to choose from. Or a repaint of Optimus Prime. Or a pewter Alien. If it means something...and I mean REALLY means something to you, as a collector of that line or a fan of that property, then you will do what it takes to go get the limited figure. If it doesn't mean anything to you on that level, you won't. As a Star Wars collector I make choices like that every day.

    Here's one recently...Do I go after the Kubrick Boba Fett on the card? Do I decide to say "F" those guys for leaving a gaping hole in my collection or do I decide that if I really want it that badly I have to pay a bit more? Or do I simply walk away from that item, and instead go look at the rest of Kubrick Star Wars display, the ones I could easily get, and marvel at how frikkin' awesomely cool it looks?

    I dunno...one could go on and on in a debate like this, and these things often spiral out of control on a message board, but the truth is that it will ultimately be up to you to decide if you want the figures or don't...nothing I say will change that. My job is only to make every product as cool as it can possibly be within it's parameters. If I failed to do that in some way...well then I usually listen and try to make as many chages as I can...as I have done even on this line from each stage forward.

    Will the Flying Pig be removable from the base? I always thought so, but now that I look at the sculpt pictures, it kind of doesn't seem that way.

    TOTALLY. Wouldn't have it any other way. I intend to suspend mine from the ceiling.

    Will the doubled accesories (Irken sandwiches, Irken burritos, donuts, laptop, etc.) be any different from each other?

    Those will be simply repainted, not new sculpts or anything.

    Will the Spooky Chihuahua be billed as, well, Spooky Chihuahua? That is its official name, after all, not "Mad Chihuahua".

    I did not know that...thanks for the heads up. Consider the designation officially changed. I thought it was "mad". I'll make a note on the Packaging Request.

    Is the artwork for the boxes completed yet? And if so, when will we possibly be seeing it by?

    Not even close. Nick has a style guide that we are trying to figure out how far we can push.

    Also, could you give us all the points of articulation on the Zim figures? (Just in case not all of them are present in the pictures)

    GIR-Ball Jointed Head, Ball Jointed Shoulders, Swivel Arms
    Zim-Swivel Neck, Ball Jointed Shoulders, Swivel Gloves
    Dib-Swivel Neck, Ball Jointd Shoulders, Swivel Hands
    Bitters-Ball Jointed Neck, Ball Jointed Shoulders, Swivel Legs
    Tallest-Ball Jointed Neck, Ball Jointed Shoulders, Swivel Biceps, Elbows, Swivel Wrists, Swivel Fingers, Swivel Waist

    Has Nick supplied you with all the character turnsheets and official artwork for reference to the figures?


    Would there be a possibility of the Hot Topic varients being released in Australia as regular figures beign that we have no Hot Topic down here as far as I know

    None whatsoever. I found out a few days ago that our license does not even cover any area outside the US. You'll have to buddy up with someone here and make a deal to get any of the figs. That MAY change, but don't bet on it...take the sure thing and buddy up.

    Any word if Jhonen has seen the figures yet?

    Yes he did.

    Any word on what he thought?

    I really am not sure that it is appropriate for me to relay that information.

    Zim's spider pack is removable right?
    It is removable. Switch out the backpacks for the non-spider look.

    Does that mean when and if a skoolkid Zim is made, his backpack will be removable so that the spiderpack can be placed on instead, right?

    Totally compatible if the Skoolkid version gets made.

    Also, if we get Mega figures, will they most likely be large versions of Zim, Dib, etc..or big characters on the show that could be displayed with the normal figures? (i.e. Nightmare Bitters, Seargeant Hobo678, Oog-Ah etc...)

    It would not be the latter if a MEGA fig occured.

    And finally, can you give us any details on the Sneak Preview Zim/GIR set?

    It is not a sneak preview set. It comes out after the first Series. It has the angry Zim (with the squinty eyes) and the half closed eyes GIR with the goofy mouth (tongue out). A few extra monitors and such...no new accessories.

    Also, what graphics are on the computer screens in the Zim lab thingy?

    Still working out what those are going to be...

    The accesories that will come packaged with the HT versions of the Zim figures, is there a chanse that they will be available with other figures. (i.e. the spooky chichuha could come with an Old Man Disguise Zim)

    Probably not likely. Possible, but it isn't something I can say you should bet on. I guess the only thing I can say is that while stuff can be re-used, something usually kicks in for us and when a new project comes up we always wanna make something new.

    so the Hot Topic figures don't come with the bases right, but they come with the accessories? This seems like a great idea to me, I don't want 2 of each base, I have no room.

    Regular Versions - One set of five separately packaged figures each with a specific likeness, playset style bases and accessories.

    Hot Topic Versions - One set of five separately packaged figures, on smaller cards, each with a new likeness, NO playset style bases and some repainted and some newly sculpted accessories.

    <end page 9 6/17/04>



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