:: Misc Pictures ::

These pictures are from many different things that have to do with Invader Zim. Non screen shot images will go here. Images will open in a new window.

Story Board 
(images from Steve Ressel)

>>Battle Dib >>Zim & Sandwich >>Digestor
>>Digestor close  >>Digestor arena >>Digestor arena 2

Misc. Character Sketches, cool stuff

>>Alexi Aaronvitch >>Misc >>nada
>>Rikki  >>Tavisha >>Eric Trueheart
>>Gaz's Class >>Da-Cone >>Dib Agitated
>>Dib Sleep >>DibDumbfounded >>Lizard Boy
>>Courtney Lily >>Jay Bondy >>Suck Monkey
>>GStD >>GStD2

GIR in "Ninja Highschool" comic 
(images from Invader Izz)

>>Page 1 >>Page 2

GIR cameo in "Real Life" comic strip 
(image from Real Life Comics)

>>Page 1

GIR cameo in "Radioactive Panda" comic 
(image from RadioactivePanda.com)

>>Page 1

Invader Zim comic 
from the Nickelodeon Magazine NickToons Special #5

>>Page 1 >>Page 2 >>Page 3
>>Page 4

IZ Premiere in the March 2001 TV Guide
(images from Apricot the Gerbil)

>>close up >>premiere

Official Invader Zim images
(courtesy of Nickelodeon Space Monkies)

>>GIR dance >>GIR salute >>GIR sit
>>GIR dog hood >>GIR dog stand >>Logo
>>Poop can >>Zim scream (kid) >>Zim scream
>>GIR*red* >>Purple turn >>Purple
>>Red turn >>Membrane >>Bloody GIR
>>Grappa >>Stink >>Tim
>>Zee >> Skutch >>Flobee
>>Kim >> Tenn >>Larb
>>Sneakyonfoota >>Spleen >>El

 You may use these official images, but please no direct linking, the only reason gir.n3.net is written on them is to prevent this.
*special thanks to punjabee@facetofacemusic.com

More Official Invader Zim images
(courtesy of Nickelodeon IZ Super Site)

>>Zim's House >>Zim's-hood >>underground
>>underground2 >>tunnels >>livingroom
>>street view >>city >>city -up-
>>Membrane's kitchen >>Control Room >>Voot Cruiser
>>Zim's controls >>Cafeteria >>Classroom
>>Classroom2 >>Classroom3 >>skool yard
>>skool yard 2 >>bus

GIR.n3.net images 
These are just various images that have been used for the site and are still interesting.

>>Look alikes >>Halloween 2002 >>V-Day 2003
>>Easter 2003

TV Guide blurb 

>>Scanned Page

Disney Adventures Feb 2002
(courtesy of pooch0903@yahoo.com)

>>Scanned Page

Video Store Magazine March 28-April  3, 2004
(courtesy of despair)

>Intro page >Article

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