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Last updated: December 4, 2003

If you come to this FAQ expecting it to be merely about the workings of GIR or RWAM, then you are horribly misguided. This page is filled with information about the Invader ZIM television series, who to praise/blame for its existence, why it was cancelled, and where you can find what's left of it. We hate to sound egotistical by saying this is the most informative Invader ZIM page on the net…but…well, decide for yourself.

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  • General Room With a Moose/Downloading


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    Will you help me set up a web server?
    No. Look for HOW-TO web sites.

    How to download off IRC
    Information for getting episodes on IRC. (by bacon)
    Fserv guide: http://yourmom.sh/~tom/IRCGUIDES/FS...aderZIM@mIRC-x/
    Newbie guide: http://yourmom.sh/~tom/IRCGUIDES/No...aderZIM@mIRC-x/

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    Why are they called animal crackers?
    You know what, I don't know. They're not even cracker like, they are cookies for crying out loud! 

    Fan Animated Series?

    Yes, people are working on an Invader ZIM Fan Animated Series and they would love your help. For more info, go here: Buzzy World


    The Closet With a Moose is a part of the website where goodies such as scripts to unfinished episodes, audios, official images etc. are placed and ready to download. No other website offers this material. It is a treasure trove, especially for those interested in the animation process, since it shows various steps of preproduction. ENJOY IT!!!

    Can I use some of your images?
    Depends. If you are just going to use the images for your home use or life away for the internet go for it. For you people everything is up for grabs as long as you don't make any money off of them or try and sell them on ebay. -spread the love-. HOWEVER, for you people who want to redistribute the stuff on the internet there are some restrictions. The only images that you may use for your sites are the icons, animated gifs (including adoptions with a link back),  Official IZ images in the Other Pictures section, and of course link banners. Other than that please don't use any other image for your sites, thanks.

    Invader ZIM

    The Show

    How many episodes are there?
    These episodes may not necessarily be in order. An explanation by Steve is posted at the bottom of this list.

    101- The Nightmare Begins
    102a- Parent Teacher Night
    102b- Walk of Doom
    103a- Bestest Friends
    103b- NanoZIM
    104a- Germs
    104b- Dark Harvest
    105a- Attack of the Saucer Morons
    105b- The Wettening
    106a- Career Day
    106b- Battle Dib
    107a- A Room With A Moose
    107b- Hamstergeddon
    108a- Invasion of the Idiot Dog Brain
    108b- Bad, Bad Rubber Piggy
    109a- Planet Jackers
    109b- Rise of Zitboy
    110a- Plague of Babies
    110b- Bloatys Pizza Hog
    111a- Door to Door
    111b- FBI Warning
    112a- Bolognius Maximus
    112b- Game Slave 2
    113- Battle of the Planets
    114- Halloween Spectacular of Spooky Doom
    115a- Mysterious Mysteries
    115b- Future Dib
    116a- Abducted
    116b- The Sad Sad Tale of Chickenfoot
    117a- Megadoomer
    117b- Lice
    118a- G.I.R. Goes Crazy and Stuff
    118b- Dib's Wonderful Life of Doom
    119a- Hobo 13
    119b- Walk for Your Lives
    120- Tak, the Hideous New GIRl

    The individual episodes are broken up into A/B, so for example, 07a is A Room with a Moose.
    Last but not least another list:
    Season Two...

    Season 2 (or what remains) is as follows, and by now it's doubtful they will ever air:
    Backseat Drivers from Beyond the Stars (1/2 hour)
    Mortos Der Soul Stealer
    ZIM Eats Waffles
    Fry Cook(1/2 hour)
    GIRl Who Cried Gnome
    Voting of the Doomed
    Dib Ship
    Gaz- Taster of Pork(1/2 hour)

    How many episodes will actually air?
    Actually, Nickelodeon hasn't shown any new Zim episodes in the US since The Most Horrible Christmas Ever aired back in December 2002. It seems that Zim has also been totally yanked from the airwaves completely on Nick. However, MUNDONICK, Nickelodeon's South American branch, began showing new episodes in the early Spring of 2003. They have aired, completely, the entire second season of ZIM, including: Backseat Drivers from Beyond the Stars, Mortos Der Soul Stealer, ZIM Eats Waffles, Frycook from Space, Vindicated, Girl Who Cried Gnome, Dib Ship, Voting of the Doomed, and Gaz, Taster of Pork. Backseat Drivers has already been encoded and is on the internet and #invaderzim. It is terrific. Mortos is supposed to be the crappiest episode of all time (as many of these episodes were rushed through production.) Frycook is just beautiful. We hope to have these episodes encoded via our connections in Brazil and Mexico very soon. There's more hope from this than from Nickelodeon.

    It is highly doubtful that those episodes will ever air in the US, however it is entirely possible they will be leaked onto the Internet eventually.

    What is used to create the show?
    They use Lightwave for 3D, After Effects for composite and AVID for editing. Photoshop primarily for color, although Steve heard some Painter was being used here and there.

    How much did it cost?
    One episode of Invader ZIM, on average, cost somewhere around $13 million to make. (However, while that is a lot, it cost over twice as much to make one episode of Futurama) Rumor has it that the walnuts in our favorite episode (A Room with a Moose, of course!) cost about $100 thou to animate.

    Screen grabs from unseen material?

    Words to FBI Warning?
    The missing words are 'Civil'


    WARNING OF DOOM! Federal law provides severe civil and criminal penalties for the unauthorized reproduction, distribution, exhibition of copyrighted motion pictures in any medium (Title 17, United States Code, Section 501 and 506). The Federal Bureau of Investigation investigates allegations of criminal copyright infringement. They will hunt you down like the dirty monkey you are and force you to wear a moose skin and ride a greased piggy while singing folk tunes. They're forcing me to ride the piggy as I write this. The piggy is smelly!

    Show 11B

    PRINTED IN USA All Rights Reserved ZIMpact Inc.

    What about the Pilot episode?
    Everyone who has seen the pilot admits that it's awful. The pilot episode has leaked in various places and will eventually be available on the Internet.

    How did Invader ZIM end up at Nickelodeon?
    Mary Harrington approached Jhonen at the SD Comic Con 5 or so years ago and asked him if he would be able to create a viable idea for a Nick TV series. For a year or two they refined the idea and made a bible. As long as it did not contain any references to any 'homicidal maniacs' they were okay. When Nick Central liked the bible they sprang for a pilot, which was made about 3 years back. The Pilot was never shown, and has a slightly more Ren & Stimpy appearance (The voice actor for Ren voiced ZIM in the pilot). The Director/producer of the pilot left (or something) and they got Steve to step in and guide the TV show. Supposedly, some of the Nick guys weren't fond of the pilot episode and decided it was better to pass, but kids at screening audiences rated it higher then any other Nick pilot ever produced. It is assumed they were obligated to produce the series duet to kid reaction, and because we think Harrington was really pushing for it.

    What awards has ZIM won?
    ZIM has won quite a lot of awards, and all for its first episode. Here are the awards they won...

    An Emmy- To Kyle Menke for Outstanding Personal Achievement in Storyboarding.
    An Annie- To Steve for storyboarding.
    Animation Magazine's World Celebration Award for Best Title Sequence in TV Animation.

    They were nominated for 6 Annies- Music, Direction, Storyboarding, Design, Best Show and Voice Acting (Richard). There are only 7 or so categories for TV in the Annies and they had nearly all of them tied down- No other show that year could claim as many nominations as they had. In fact, no other shows were even close. Steve feels the only reason they didn't win more was due to their rather fresh, unknown status with most the judges. (Frankly, they should have won for Music if nothing else).

    On a milder note, They also won (Jhonen, Mary and the director) the Cannes film award for best Pilot the year before. That was for the unseen pilot which got the series made.

    For a first season Nicktoon, there is no other which can compare for nominations or wins. When added up over time, Rugrats has more awards, but they didn't start receiving awards until '93 or so. The subject of critical and awarded claim is another odd angle in the entire cancellation issue. One would think with awards like that, the show would keep getting better and better. Unfortunately, it got worse. One award that was forgotten was they were nominated for sound design in the Golden Reel awards, but we don't know if they won. If YOU know, please inform us.

    Are there any appearances of Jhonen's other characters?
    In the Halloween special there is a small reference to JTHM, which is a different version yet similar style to NNY.
    Filler Bunny is in the beginning of Dark Harvest. Tak is somewhat a more look alike version of NNY or Devi just feminine wise. Keep looking you might see some more.

    Were any scenes deleted from ZIM?
    Hell yes. All shows have to cut scenes at some point!

    Jhonen and Steve were sitting together watching audience reaction to Bestest Friend, which was very confused/stunned...especially the ending. Steve believes word got around, and after execs saw the results a change was demanded. The original sequence Steve put into the boards had Keef following the squirrel back onto the high tension wires. Keef blew up when he grabs for the squirrel and grabs a junction on the lines instead. They had to tuck and edit because Nick said it was 'imitatable behavior', and kids will throw their younger brothers out of windows onto power lines. A very stupid argument.

    In botp if they did a long shot of the planets when Dib and ZIM are fighting that looked like a face shoved into a butt.

    Or even something more disturbing if you think about the shapes involved on the face of mars.

    In Backseat Drivers just after Tallest Red says "You! Save the dooonuts!" Tallest Purple looks at the "camera" in an odd way - the thing cut there was, a donut was supposed to "hit the camera" and leave crumbs, and Tallest Purple licked the crumbs off the lens.

    In Abducted, ZIM runs through the spaceship looking for an escape. There were nice zooms and spider leg use, and he swung on a cable through a storage area for unused glass capsules. The scene was cut because Jhonen said so and his word was final.

    Nick. execs made them take out all Filler Bunnies after the Dark Harvest cameo.

    Nick. wanted to cancel a couple of episodes after the 9/11 terror. But decided in the end not to. Marked episodes for total cancellation were- Walk for Your Lives and GIRl Who Cried Gnome.

    GIRl Who Cried Gnome was reexamined and was untouched.

    Walk For Your Lives became a topic of criticism due to the entire episode dealing with an enormous explosion ...they had to change the explosion colors and ripped out a few scenes, added a few scenes and did some tweaking to the storytelling. One sad fatality is a scene cut out where two firefighters are in their truck looking at the explosion. Another cut for standards were scenes of Iggins getting arrested and nearly beaten by cops (great stuff, but too violent).

    Due to Bin Laden many episodes have had tweaks and revisions in order to make the NY execs feel comfortable. For weeks they were reminded since they were only blocks from the explosion and they could still smell the burning bodies, so the crew felt really bad and complied with the majority of requests. Episodes with minor changes are-

    Door To Door
    Battle of the Planets
    Future Dib
    Dibs Wonderful Life
    GIRl Who Cried Gnome
    Mortos der Soulstealer
    Backseat Drivers
    Walk for your Lives

    Most all further revisions to shows were dealing with eliminating explosions, buildings exploding, vehicles slamming into and the exploding inside buildings, and anything that 'made fun' of rescue workers in any way. Steve believes personally, the scenes modified for such weren't necessary and the episodes should have been placed on hold for a little while until the fervor died down. Overall the scenes cut were not that bad and usually had to do with the story or the humor of situations. Door to Door is changed, a new scene is now inserted which isn't nearly as nice as the original, but the original episode might not have been yanked in other countries.

    The scene they (Nick.) wanted changed wasn't tower of cards, but the NY city destroyed scene in the VR helmet in the Grout's house.

    Has GIR's voice changed?
    Both Richard and Rikki started doing their voices at a natural cadence, and the crew upped the pitch without speeding up the dialogue. As time went on, they became used to hearing the pitched versions and they would read lines at higher pitch naturally. Richard actually didn't need much of any pitch in later episodes. This practice keeps the sound guys always in flux, and the audience with keen ears aware of small difference in the voice.

    You can also hear Rikki's energy levels rise and peak with each record...not a bad thing if done sequentially, or where appropriate. It was fun stirring him up in the booth to get insane acting, but would end with his lungs giving him hell. Poor Rikki.

    The GIR voice was slowed down as the crew attempted to give an 'evil' tone to his voice....couldn't get a really evil tone from Rikki, but it did get a little ominous.

    Where the hell is Dib's mom?
    Dib's mom is never mentioned in the series, however rumor has it that Jhonen said she lives in a jar somewhere.

    What does the G in GIR stand for?
    Nothing. Many people have said it stands for "garbage." But it officially doesn't stand for anything at all.


    Why was Invader ZIM cancelled?
    These are some of the excuses that have been used & told:

    Ratings: The only reason solidly stated from NY Nick within the age demographics they used (kids 2-11years old). There is no information available on age groups 12-up, but the show was not rated on the top 20 on rated cable programs of a weekly format. Certain Nick execs stand by the ratings being what killed ZIM. In spite of the budget being the highest than any other current show (but only by 5 percent) and they DID GET that money back in the quality. Nick doesn't care about, or isn't distributing, information on any viewing demographic above 12 years old…slightly odd since there was one minor column saying that Nick had a 30 percent jump in viewers 12-14 since one year ago. Somehow, gauging the enormously successful sales of ZIM merchandise we are guessing the bulk of that 30 percent lies in the ZIM audience.

    Scheduling: ZIM has been placed around the schedule repeatedly.
    Advertising: Which Nick hasn't done appropriately or nearly as well as they have done for other new shows… and in spite of ZIM merchandise flying off the shelves while others did only moderately well. They did move ZIM into other time slots where it failed, but they didn't advertise one bit to let people know. Also, Their website is a joke, their moderator acts as if he doesn't know the show was cancelled. Yes, that's directed at YOU Nickza!

    9/11: It wasn't the main reason, but it gave everyone a good reason to begin considering ZIM's future. These decisions are arrived at, pondered, weighed, researched, committee meeting discussions, followed by more multi-level agreement and a final decision which is then slowly handed down a long ladder of execs and office folk.

    Artwork and Story: It was said to one exec that ZIM is like a piece of steak, and the Nick audience has been fed for years on oatmeal-most children that watch the simple Nicktoon can't quite digest this show, and need help and time to acquire the taste. A common complaint about the show was that there was too much screaming. The turgid emotional state isn't quite a Utopian presentation, and might upset the mild tempered Nick drones who love nothing more then a slower paced, rather meek set of characters. Also the brash visual style with perspectives, contrast, zips and colors might be a jarring experience compared to the rather placid earth tones and simple animation on other shows. Then you heap on the down endings and odd turn of events in episodes and you get a program that doesn't fare too well with the unexploited innocents of this world, but rather the breaking and broken, experienced, bitter and bruised sorts that society created once puberty ignites.

    Conspiracy: (Unofficial but accurate reasons) Okay, "conspiracy" is a strong word, but it sure is an attention grabber, isn't it? This is the category where we tell a little behind-the-scenes story. When Invader ZIM first began production, everyone thought it was going to be the miracle show audiences would love. And who can blame them? A LOT of people wanted to work on this thing, resumes and portfolios were flying. The dialogue was good, the artwork was vivid, the stories were funny…you get the idea.

    …And THEN the ratings came in.
    Apparently the poor ratings surprised the hell out of everyone. As the show continued, little things here and there began to get worse. The timing worsened, jokes were becoming simple and overused, the stories made less sense, etc. Jhonen and the Nickmonkees clashed plenty, which didn't help. Keep in mind that Jhonen was given a lot of responsibility over the show when he'd never worked in animation before and wasn't given much time to learn. Plenty of things spiraled downward there.

    Finally, certain season two episodes were submitted as the "new and improved" Invader ZIM (the ones more like Mortos der Soulstealer). Jhonen wanted the show to veer off in the direction of those episodes - and they were considered the worst episodes made. If fans saw them, many would probably be disappointed with the changes made in the show. That is yet another reason why ZIM was cancelled, AND why you won't see those episodes air in the US.

    Meanwhile, the crew actually working on the show was blasted into an alternate animation dimension where everything was wrong, everyone was cruel, and ZIM just wasn't any kind of fun anymore. It was a horrible experience, to jump onto this show everyone thought would be such a success, only to have it crash and burn leaving a scar on all their resumes (Many execs ignore that the work done on Invader ZIM was some of the best this side of the Pacific, and only pay attention to the fact that it was cancelled. Bastards). When ZIM was officially cancelled on Jan. 17th, everyone was told they had to leave the premises within 24 hours (except the few staying on to make that last xmas episode)

    In case you're wondering, no one told us this part - we hired a professional psychic to delve into the collective unconsciousness of humanity, and report back on whatever was found there relating to ZIM. Psychics never lie. Anyone who tells you otherwise will be punished for his or her horrible slander.

    Why can't Cartoon Network (and other channels) pick it up and why is Nick to blame?
    Cartoon Network is almost an absolute impossibility because Nick will not sell ANY of its properties to competitors. CN also has extremely limited budgets-that is why their shows lack detail and movement, so even if CN were to get ZIM it would become half of what it is now. Also, politically if CN gets ZIM and makes it succeed then the execs at Nick who let ZIM slip by would be fired quickly. Thus better to bury then let run.

    They let 'Doug' slip once out of contract and it ended up in Disney's hands. They are on guard, and will never let that happen again, or sell anything unless they are in DIRE DIRE DIRE financial straights, and even then, they'll just revert into Viacom properties.

    But if ZIM were on CN they would advertise the hell out of it.

    If ZIM were brought back would the crew ever return?
    Only a desperate need for money (as in, work or starve) would get most members of the crew to return to working on that show. Or maybe once people healed their wounds, they would go back. However it is more likely the crew will move on to other projects, and the best thing to do is wish them luck and hope more GOOD shows like ZIM will come in the future.

    The Creators

    Who is Jhonen C. Vasquez?
    An interview with the creator is self explanatory and can be found at http://www.revolutionsf.com/article/552.html. It is a six part interview.

    His other works can be found at http://www.slavelabor.com

    How he came to Nick:
    Jhonen was approached by Mary Harrington…he didn't make the first contact. She was at the SD Comic Con 5 or so years ago and asked him if he would be able to create a viable idea for a Nick TV series. Several months later he came to LA with his idea.

    -45- has indicated that JV and himself, being gamers, are always in the lookout for skins, so if anyone finds any please let -45- know, and he'll send them to JV with your LOVE.

    Who is Steve Ressel?
    When the credits start rolling on Invader ZIM after Jhonen's name has been displayed, one of the next names you will see is Steve Ressel, Director/Producer of Invader ZIM.

    He oversaw the animation on all levels, and made sure parts were put in their right places these parts may be action scenes along with many others. And they in turn become the copulation that we sit down and watch mesmerized at and inevitably wind up drooling over. You know this coming from a happy fan and all.

    How he came to ZIM.
    He was in the last two weeks of directing at 'God, The Devil and Bob' and his producer Margo Pipkin (Simpsons early years, Duckman, Dreamworks TV) said she was asked if she knew any bright promising talent to handle this show Mary H. had going at Nick. he sat in her office and watched the ZIM pilot and thought-'Oh Great, Not another Ren and Stimpy styled show with gratuitous clowny acting.' but also thought, 'Hey, that cafeteria battle is my sorta stuff!'

    After meeting with Jhonen and seeing what he wanted from the series, and how the pilot was structure semi-contrary to his wishes he thought, 'Yes, this could be awesome.', and that this series was exactly what he had wanted to do in animation for the past 5 years. The Evil Dead 2 poster behind Jhonen's desk convinced him he liked some seriously unique films. He was hired back to Nick, exactly 7 years after Mary H. laid him off from Rocko.

    His beginnings:
    While attending the Joe Kubert art school and in between semesters he worked as a projectionist/usher for AMC during the summer of 89'(or it may have been 88'). Let's just say the ending is: Thank GOD for the brilliant failures that are so bountiful in 80's films. He's worked in animation many years since then, mostly as a storyboard artist, and then director. He is currently on hiatus, working on his own projects.

    For those who doubt his identity:
    If anyone is hanging their life's hopes on his authenticity, they need something better to fill their time. It's not like anything said will change your life drastically.

    He came on because 45 (Ian Graham) and Hanzhi Tang, 3D artist, were telling him about the support for ZIM on the site.

    If you would like to contact Steve you can either e-mail him or private message. His public AIM/iChat screenname is Steve Ressel.

    Who from the ZIM staff has posted at RWAM?
    The first staff member to join our message board signs on under the name "-45-." By now there's no point keeping secret that he is Ian Graham, ZIM storyboard artist. If you look at the episodes Career Day and Mysterious Mysteries, He is in line for a cocofang autograph and is one of the Saucer Morons in the Blotch crowd, respectively (there are other cameos of him on the show where he wears a hat with -45- on it… search). He signed on as a mystery staff member, who wouldn't like his name to be revealed because Mary Harrington sometimes lurked on rwam to make sure people weren't leaking info at the time.

    Steve Ressel signed on (as himself) to confirm -45-'s relation to ZIM as an artist for the show. He also answers questions. Oh such questions he answers. Ask away, don't be shy.

    Chris Graham, storyboard artist, uses the name "Xtro" on the message board. He and Hanzhi Tang (CG guy) posted to comfirm -45-'s identity. There is a time gap over late spring/ early summer, in which none of the staff members posted, because silence was imposed upon them by the Nick execs. However in August they were released, and while they do not post as often as before (they are quite busy, most with new jobs), they will show up on occasion.

    John Fountain, character designer, signed on as "Richard Hatch" (there is a story behind that in the Quest for Holy Cameos thread) in August. He has helped with cameos and an inside look at the animation field, and has known Chris and Ian for years.

    John, Chris, and Ian were last seen working on Fairly Oddparents at Nick.

    For those who doubt their identities:
    They don't care if you believe them or not. They just came in to share the info, and get feedback from the fans…if you wish to contact them they can be emailed or private massaged through the message board's services.

    So how about the Cast and Crew?
    "Only one person was killed in the making of ZIM. Physically. Souls...about 20 were destroyed." ~Steve Ressel

    Executive Producers
    Mary Harrington
    Jhonen Vasquez

    Steve Ressel

    Line Producer
    Monique Beatty

    Head Writer
    Jhonen Vasquez

    Courtney Lilly
    Roman Dirge
    Eric Trueheart
    TV's Frank

    Story Editor
    Rob Hummel

    Original Music
    Kevin Manthei

    Main Title Music
    Mark Tortorici

    End Title Music
    Kevin Manthei

    Richard Horvitz - ZIM
    Rosearik Rikki Simons - GIR
    Andy Berman - Dib
    Melissa Fahn - Gaz
    Lucille Bliss - Ms. Bitters
    Kevin Hamilton McDonald - Purple
    Wally Wingert - Red
    Rodger Bumpass - Professor Membrane
    Mo Collins - Robot Mom
    Michael McDonald - Robot Dad
    Mr. Scolex (Jhonen)-various
    Et al.

    Casting Director
    Donna Grillo Gonzales

    Casting Coordinator
    Anna Henry

    Kyle Menke
    Chris Graham
    Ian Graham
    Shawn Murray
    Rayfield Angrum
    Ron Brewer

    Storyboard Supervisor
    Louie Del Carmen

    Storyboard Revisionists
    Lothell Jones
    Warren Lee
    Maureen Mascarina
    Miyuki Hoshikawa

    Storyboard Clean-Up
    Lothell Jones
    Warren Lee

    Original Character Design
    Jhonen Vasquez

    Character Design
    John Fountain
    Aaron Alexovitch

    Prop Design
    Eric Brown
    Jeff Wong

    FX Design
    Kathleen Quaife

    Design Clean-Up
    Aaron Alexovitch

    Background Design Spencer G. Davis Jairo Lizarazu
    Maurice F. Morgan II
    Junnita Trammell

    Background Clean-Up
    Paula Spence
    Jin Sur
    Hyo Sung Lee
    Hae Wook Lee

    Color Director
    Jean-Paul Bondy

    Color Designers
    Chris Haymie
    Ron Russell
    Peter Ehrlich
    Kersti Myrberg
    Rosearik Rikki Simons

    Timing Director
    Ken Bruce
    Juli Hashiguchi

    Sheet Timers
    Phil Cummings
    Charlie Cooper
    Elizabeth Kwon

    Animatic Supervisor
    Paul Finn

    Animatic Editors
    Jim E. Lara
    Ted MacHold
    Track Readers
    Michael Edmonds
    Marc Honess
    Judy Montes

    Final Checker
    William K. Exter

    CGI Animation by Nick Digital

    Special Thanks
    Alison Dexter
    Joel Krasnov

    CG Director
    John Sore

    CG Animation
    Tim Pyle
    Hanzhi Tang

    CG Production Assistant
    Cindy Mercado

    Supervising Recording Engineer
    Krandal Crews

    Recording Engineer
    Justin Brinsfield

    Production Dialogue Supervisor
    Tony Ostyn

    Dialogue Editor
    Matt Brown

    Production Coordinators
    Brent Crowe
    Sean Schelburg
    Lisa Yang

    Script Coordinator
    Dannielle Koenig

    Production Assistant
    Kimberlee Vanek

    Executive Assistants
    Candice Cindy
    Anna Henry

    Virginie Delannoy
    Heather Chavez
    Courtney Lilly
    Staci Siegel

    Post Production Supervisor
    Jason Stiff

    Supervising Picture Editor
    Christopher Hink

    Audio Post Production
    Salami Studios

    Sound Design/Sound Effects Editors
    Paul Menichini
    Robert Duran

    Foley Mixer
    Jeremy Pitts

    Foley Artist
    Sanaa Cannella

    Re-Recording Mixer
    Gregory Catheart

    Color Timing
    Encore Video

    Davinci Colorist
    Dexter P.

    Animation Services
    Sunmoo Entertainment

    Overseas Supervisor
    Derek Eversfield

    Overseas Layout Directors
    Young Chae Kim
    Hyo Sung Lee
    Sae Wook Lee
    Il Choel Chung

    Overseas Key Animation Directors
    Chang Gun Noh
    Cheol Hui Han

    Overseas Studio Managing Director
    Kim Joo Suk

    Executive in Charge Of Production
    Lolee Aries

    Production Executive
    Eric Coleman

    They're everywhere if you know where to look for them, particularly in Walk of Doom and Attack of the Saucer Morons. There will be even more in The Most Horrible Christmas Ever.

    Brent was the biggest background character- he is the long fuzzy haired guy in the red shirt hailing a bus in Walk of Doom. Roman walks the streets in WOD, and Chris Graham shows up occasionally as a Fred Durst looking guy with a red hat on backwards. -45- (guy wearing hat with -45- on it) among other places, stands in line for a Cocoafang autograph in Career Day.

    Of course Steve is in The Wettening buying a hot dog from street vendor and walking away with it before being devoured by a wave of water and many others. In the same episode is that (famous?) scene of Jhonen choking on a fish.

    Bet you didn't know the early character designs for the show were caricatures of the crew. When a series starts up, there is a need for 100 kids and 100 adults. Ideas for unique characters begin to fade and the artist needs some creative input for all the drone adults and kids in the background, so the crew became references. The board artists began to pepper the series with cameos of Jhonen, Roman Dirge, Steve and many other staffers. For more info check the Quest for Holy Cameos thread.

    What about the music? Kevin Manthei interview?
    Kevin Manthei, who created the music for Invader ZIM, released a ZIMphony Soundtrack months back. You can find out more info on this at http://www.kmmproductions.com and you can listen to his inerview about working on ZIM at http://kmmproductions.com/Music/ZIM_ZIMphony_Interview.mp3

    Websites of ExZIMployees?
    Roman Dirge (Lenore comics et al.): http://www.spookyland.com
    Aaron Alexovitch (helping Sera with Serenity Rose): www.heartshapedskull.com
    Rosearik (Rikki) Simons (with his wife Tavisha working on comics): www.tavicat.com
    Kevin Manthei (listed above, da Music Man): www.kmmproductions.com
    Steve Ressel own a friends-only lj at www.livejournal.com for those interested in cartooning and animation education. Email him for access.

    What is/was the Zim-Phony?
    Click Dib below to find out:

    Them Things Fans Do

    Who to write and email about the show
    Nothing you say or do will ever bring ZIM back. However, if you refuse to believe us or have some other reason for contacting someone, these addresses were graciously provided by -45-

    lbie Hecht
    1515 Broadway 38th floor
    NY, NY 10036

    Herb Scannell
    1515 Broadway 38th floor
    NY, NY 10036

    Cyma Zhargami
    1515 Broadway 39th floor
    NY, NY 10036

    Mary Harrington
    231 W. Olive Ave.
    Burbank, CA 91502

    It has also been suggested by -45- that you tell Nick how much you want to buy ZIM toys and Merchandise!! Money *does* talk - show them how much cash they could make if they would really support the show with some good old-fashioned marketing.

    Viewer Feedback Services
    c/o Nickelodeon
    1515 Broadway
    New York, NY 10036

    231 West Olive Avenue
    Burbank, CA 91502

    770 Broadway, 9th Floor
    New York, NY 10003

    Also send letters to Herb Scannel, who is in charge of Nick, at the 770 Address - or hey, *any* of the above addresses.

    Send letters to Mattel Toys and MacFarlane Toys about wanting ZIM merchandise. Talk about how great the art is!

    Mattel, Inc.
    333 Continental Boulevard
    El Segundo, CA 90245-5012
    310-252-2000 tel
    (310) 252-2180 fax

    "Send a very polite email to Mcfarlane toys and tell them you would like to see action figures. Mention how interesting and intelligent the show is...and tell them the art is great too. toys@mcfarlane.com" (from -45-)

    If someone could find the snail mail address for McFarlane that would be great.

    Petition? What Petition?
    For SAVING the show: http://www.petitiononline.com/izlovers/petition.html

    Where can I get episode downloads?
    You can find episode download here at roomwithamoose.com. You will also find available mirrors for downloading (what are mirrors? Mirrors are site that contains the same files to help reduce the amount of people download from the same server)

    Where can I find ZIM trading cards?
    You can find trading cards on Nick's website at http://www.nick.com/home/mynick/trading/

    Who sells ZIM merchandise?
    Hot Topic. http://www.hottopic.com

    Why Hot Topic products?
    Probably because it had to do with Jhonen already having merchandise there (Squee, Happy Noodle Boy, JTHM, ect….) and Nick had a Sponge Bob deal with Hot Topic already

    What were the after-show chats?
    After the show, fans would go to http://www.wormbaby.com/chat. Steve Ressel would come on to talk about the shows right after they aired, however, both the shows and wormbaby are now gone.

    Are there Invader Zim DVDs?
    The first Episode of IZ was released on DVD on  September 20, 2003. It is called 'Nickstravaganza 2' and can only be bought at Wal-Mart, or at Wal-Mart's online store:

    Nickstravaganza 2

    The Official IZ DVD set is being released by Anime Works (not related to the Nickstravaganza DVD). Please visit out official DVD page for all the latest news.

    Please DO NOT buy unofficial IZ DVDs that are for sale on ebay and at conventions. I have heard stories of people who buy them and say that the quality sucks. Please support the official DVDs when they are released.

    Most of these threads have been archived and are available for viewing. In fact, if you're bored and REALLY want more info, go through all the archives. Those threads are honored for a reason, ya know

    Thread: Damn Them!!!!!

    Thread: what's the REAL reason nick cancelled IZ? (no more rumor/hearsay please!)

    Thread: Christians are getting ZIM cancelled!!!

    Thread: -45- Your avatars (or how eva u spell dat)

    Thread: Anyone else hear any thing on ZIM being Uncancelled?

    Thread: a new unhealthy obsessi-er-i mean love

    Thread: Why is she doing this to me?!

    Thread: ZIM Skins?????

    Thread: What was your reaction when you first saw Invader ZIM?

    Thread: things you might not have noticed

    Thread: ZIM Uncancelled?????!!!!!!

    Thread: 45 is Alive.

    Thread: How many new ZIM episodes have yet to air?

    Thread: I got something cool

    Thread: Hi Res IZ images wanted!

    Thread: New Trivia!

    Thread: NEW EPISODES START MARCH 22nd, 2002 !!

    Thread: Hoy' ya doin?

    Thread: Just Sharin'

    Thread: Episode list…

    Thread: VP3 episodes

    Thread: round of applause

    Thread: YAY! more art!

    Thread: Anni Awards

    Thread: TV's Frank

    Thread: one of those rare on topic threads

    Thread: Deleted scenes.

    Thread: Episode Number Confusion

    Thread: Battle of the Planets… Discussion

    Thread: What 8 episodes were banned?

    Thread: That episode rocked!

    Thread: oh the spooky horror!

    Thread: words to fbi warning of doom?

    Thread: Did GIR's voice change?

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