>>Coloring Sheets:
You may print these wonderfully rendered Invader Zim coloring sheets and color them for your own amusement. Please do not put these images on your site unless you have colored it and want to show the world your mad crayon skillz. Since there are no I.Z. coloring books yet we made these-enjoy!
To print click on the links below and do a file print!

--Death-bee --Dib --Gaz
--GIR burger --Zim --GIR cupcake
--Poster --Red --Balogna
--Bitters  --Shnooky --Bloaty
--Tak --Iggins --Baby Dib
--Poop Dog --GIR brother --Scary Mnky
--Gaz --Zita --Burger Lord
--Gir on Mars --Zim (bear suit) --Gir (dog)
--Zim (march) --Voot Runner --GIR & Zim
--GIR sitting --Nasty taters --Peepi
--Tak Irken --Dib Swollen --Mimi
--Minimoose --Squid Man --Turkey Neck
--Chicken Foot --Older Dib --GIR Controls
--Lawn Gnome --Jhonen Vasquez --Ham Demon
--GIR Pumpkin --Halloween
All sheets below are 
--Easter Platypus

>>GIR's Paper Dolls:
Hoorah! Who wouldn't want to dress GIR in silly outfits!?
To make your own paper dolls print out this GIR template:
--naked GIR
-- GIR Carrying Case -cut, fold, and staple together

Fan Made Paper Doll (uses same outfits)

Now on to the outfits (much more coming soon!)
--Native American outfit
--Mr. Eff outfit
--Tourist outfit
--Karate Master outfit
--Vash the Stampede outfit
--Dib outfit
Fan Made outfits
--Sailor GIR
--Scary Monkey
--Rulin' Hat & Suit
--Dog Suit
--Tallest Red
--Bat Man
--Armor (in color)

>>Invader Zim Pumpkin Patterns
You people asked for them, so here they are. Now you can make your very own Invader Zim Pumpkin! Below are the images of the pumpkins and they are arranged from the easiest (Irken Symbol) to the most difficult (Zim). Just print out the pattern, and you are all set to make your IZ pumkins!

*If you do make these pumpkins, please be sure to send us a picture of it and a little description, like time it took to make and other stuff. Then we will post them up here.

>>Irken Symbol Pattern
>>Tallest Pattern
>>Mimi Pattern
>>GIR Pattern
>>Gaz Pattern
>>Dib Pattern
>>Zim Pattern

Gallery of IZ Pumpkins:

by: sevlow@apexmail.com
Mimi // Mim2

by: cbabcock@shentel.net
GIR // Irken Symbol

by: PaperCut
Irken Symbol // Irken Symbol 2

by: P0L4RB34R@attbi.com
Mimi // Zim

by: Jon

by: Kurt
Zim & GIR

by: streakzrok152@hotmail.com

by: irkeninvaderzim66@yahoo.com 
Irken Symbol

by: AR Lee
Irken Design // Lights off with Zim // Lights off

by: Taquitos
Painted GIR

by: Donovan Jones
Dib Pumpkin

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