-Chip-Switch is an online collecting/trading club. Each week new chip(s) will be released on this page for you to add to your collection. Can you collect them all? Some are easy to get, while other chips are very rare. The best part about this is that if you are missing any chips from your collection youcan trade with others who have a collection of chips on their site. If you would like to trade with someone just email them nicely and see if they want to trade chips with you.
This chip to the left is your 'starter chip' meaning that you can have this chip whenever you want to start your collection. When you do start collecting please link this starter chip back to: http://GIR.n3.net so that others can start their own collections too. To show others that you have a collection please post a message in the chip-switch section of our message board. You will find others to trade with. 
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