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IZ Fan Sites

Great IZ info site that includes episode transcripts, screenshot gallery, bios of every character/thing ever, and more!
A Professor Membrane site. Not updated regularly, but a must for fans of Membrane.
Regular updates here, especially about the upcoming DVD set. Also includes an obsessive screenshot gallery, cardz of doom, and a forum.
Episode guide, cast and crew lists, links, forum, and regular updates.
A messageboard for all things Earthworm Jim and Invader Zim.
A great site with the original Ask Steve, episode guide, cameo guide, and a FAQ.
Has all of the crew/famous people cameos. With pictures and descriptions.
You have to check out the episode commentary! Also has other info.
Join the Invader Zim Ring, human stink!
Invader Zim Ring! Surf to more IZ Fan Sites not listed here.

IZ Crew Sites

Kevin Manthei, the person behind the music of IZ. Has downloads and other goodies.
Has background artwork, and other character pieces.
Wally Wingert, voice of Almight Tallest Red and Mortos Der Soulstealer.
Richard Horvits gives voice to Zim and other Nickelodeon characters.
Rikki and Tavisha's homepage, has links to their portfolios.
Roman Dirge's website. Has his comic and product info, a FAQ, and messageboard.

IZ Merchandise/Other

The company that is putting out the DVD set. Go here for up to date news.
Palisades is the company putting out those awesome IZ figures, be sure to join and post in the Zim section of their messageboard.
The internet radio station that brought you the Zim-Phony.
hottopic.com - everything about the music!
Hot Topic, one stop shop for all things Zim.


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Flapjack Fan

hottopic.com - everything about the music!