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Welcome to the RWaM chat! Everyone is invited to hang out and talk to their heart's content. The room is not censored or any other such silliness, but please try to behave yourself. Advertising and flooding generally isn't tollerated, but you'll only get kicked if an Op is feeling feisty at the time. So just enjoy yourself! If you have any questions about the service, you can speak with an Op (one who has an @ beside their nick), an IRCop (dogwithmeat, zig, and daveyrootbeer are usually there), or even the Network Founder (GrandPa_G). Minimoose is the channel bot, so don't bother asking him. He's dumb as a brick.

#ZiMMY and #zimchat are located on the STARFUSION IRC network. They're great folks. For more information on their website and services, please go to http://www.starfusion.org . Starfusion is a family-friendly chat network founded by GrandPa_G.
You can enter the room in one of two ways: Java Applet or IRC Client. To use Java, just click the link below. Click "yes" and a harmless Java applet will load into your web-browser. Type a nickname you want in the top left, and then enter the room! Using an IRC client usually gives you a more stable and customizable chatting environment. (And the only way that file transfers are possible.) mIRC is reccomended for Windows users. Once you have the program installed, just type /server n1kio.starfusion.org and then /join #ZiMMY or #zimchat. Consult the manual for more information. For Macs, there are several programs including IRCle. Find which one is right.

Off-Topic chat: Talk about everything non Invader Zim related:

Invader Zim chat: Talk about everything Invader Zim related:
ENTER #zimchat

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