You didn't think people would be this stupid, did you? Oh wait....hehe...they really are that stupid as I saw on Sept. 16, 2002.
OK, so this dude eBay ID: magnetmayhem email: (feel free to harass) decided to put up 10 IZ Rip-Off auctions. Not only are most of them just our IZ wallpapers, but they are using official image and trying to profit from it. As you know, it is a daily job to tell these eBay Jackers what is going on with their wrogness. BUT, you may not know what goes on behind the scenes. After seeing the auctions for these magnets (images below) I decided to send this seller a friendly little email:

image: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10

Now, you shall enjoy the email feed:

The first email I sent to the seller explained why he shouldn't sell things with copyrighted characters on them, and that there is a LAW about this and this was the reply"

" Hey dude,

 I buy these from a distributor and according to them, it's official merchandise. If you say that it's infringing upon anybody's copyright, you should take it up with them. I'm just a reseller.


 "I highly doubt it. Judging by your 0 feedback on Ebay, you must be new
 to this. All you did was take my images and try to sell, them.

 Lets just say you are JUST selling them and not actually making these  easy to make glues on stickers to flat magnets. IT IS STILL WRONG!!! You do not own the licence to Invader Zim and therfore may not sell products with the licenced characters on them. I will contact the higher authorities or ebay.

Well, then. Please give me the email or phone number of your 'distributer', because what they are doing is illegal."

" The magnets aren't just pieces of printed paper glued to magnets.  They look like professionally made magnets.  I did not take anybody's images and "decide to sell them".  I'm not a manufacturer and like I said before, just a reseller.

If you would like to contact my distributors, you can do so.  Their name is "Japanimation" and they are located in Orange, California.

Let me know what happens.


 "You mean to tell me that you don't know the phone number of your own supposed manufacturer?

HAHA, they "look" like professional magnets. Look is the word, however they are not professional."

My final comments:
I know I am a jerk, but I get mad when people do this and then think that they are not in the wrong. I thought it was pretty cute how he added "thanks" at the end of each email. It was like he was saying, "I'm a criminal, thanks!" HAHAH. Anyways, I contacted eBay about this and they are going to investigate. Here is the email I sent to eBay:

"I would like to report the ebay user "magnetmayhem". This user is using copyrighted characters from a television show called "Invader Zim". They are also taking my Fan Art of the characters and selling them as "magnets". I do not want my fan art sold, because I do not own the copyright to such characters.
However, some of the images this user uses for these "magnets" are ripped off from other official "Invader Zim" images.
I contacted the seller about this (this is not the first time it has happened) and the seller says that they are official product and lies. It is not official because they are images that I have drawn, and made into desktop wallpapers, free for people to download.
( )

I would appreciate some feedback on what can be done about this, and other counterfeit "Invader Zim" items on Ebay. At least, I think someone should contact the seller.

I just noticed that the seller has stopped the auctions with this message: "The seller ended this listing early because of an error in the listing. " prooving, perhaps that the seller is making copyright infringments and actually listened to me.

Thanks for your time."

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